All players are expected to follow the Theta Fleet Rules.

Just because the rule isn't here doesn't mean you don't have to follow it. TF rules apply here.

Calypso Rules:

1) All players must be 15 or older.

2) Story/JP content should be kept to PG-13/TV14 (US standards). No explicit language or situations.

3) I would like 3 posts a month from each player. I do not issue strikes for players who don't meet this level; however, such players are not likely to get promoted or be placed in positions of authority.

4) Post length.

For a solo post I prefer 400 to 500 words. Please make them at least 300 words. This gives you time to develop the story or bignette. This includes personal logs.

Join posts should be 800 to 1300 words. I prefer at least 600 words.

If a post is more than 1600 words split it into two. I prefer sections of a JP to be between 800 and 1200 words. I don't like reading really long posts.

I reserve the right to pull a post for an edit if it is too short, or split it if it's too long.

5) Please physically log in to the site once a week. Don't rely solely on emails to tell you if you have a tag. (I would prefer department heads to log in a bit more often.)

6) Probably the most important rule: BE NICE. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you WISH to be treated.

7) HAVE FUN. That's what we're here for. But fun that doesn't hurt someone else, infringe on their rights or make them feel bad.

8) It's in the TF rules, but bears repeating. Don't write for someone else. Don't use their character without their explicit written permission. Don't use their linked NPCs. That's why they're linked.

9) ALL players are encouraged to have two or three NPCs. There's a lot to do on the Calypso. I find that if I have a couple NPCs, I can do more and write with more people. ANd I have more fun.

10) All NPCs must have complete bios and pictures. They can be short, but they must be complete.

11) Spell check your work. Firefox has an addon that helps a lot. It'll highlight misspelled words as you type. This is for two reasons. 1) it makes it easier to understand what you mean and 2) it makes the sim look better as a whole. People DO read posts before joining a sim and judge the sim based on the quality of the posts. This sim is no different.

12) Editing someone's typos is okay. Changing what they wrote is not. Don't change British spelling to American and vice versa. Both are fine. As is Canadian, Australian and other flavors of English. Ebonics, however, is not okay.

This is an English-speaking sim. Please use proper grammar and spelling. You don't have to be perfect, but you must try.

13) Ideas are always welcome. If you have an idea for a mission, a side story or a twist, let me know.

14) Anything not canon or that goes against the general tenets of the sim must be approved by me. Visitors to the ship, mission-specific characters, odd characters, discoveries, etc. must be approved first.

15) Please add your sig to the bottom of the JP. Rank, name and position. This includes NPCs.

16) It's okay to have disagreements in character. Don't take them personally and don't take them out of the sim. Also, please don't bring personal issues into the sim. This is fantasy and it's for fun.

17) Finally, HAVE FUN! That's why we all sim. The Calypso is meant to be a friendly (albeit warped) place.

Not a rule, but worth mentioning:

I try to involve everyone. I try to have multiple posts going so everyone can get involved. This is to allow all players a chance to tag in. Those who tag in frequently can move ahead. Those who don't have as much time can join in as they are able. Feel free to tag in higher in the post, but put in an OOC and leave two spaces before and after your entry so we know where it is. :)