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Posted on Tue Apr 5th, 2011 @ 5:40pm by Commodore Samantha York

Did I mention that the Calypso won the Silver Unit of Distinction in February? If not, we did and you all did a great job. :)

Longevity Medal For serving 12 consecutive months aboard the Calypso:
Erin Tal
Tramira Kyt

Congratulations! This ship wouldn't be the same without you and your contributions!

Newcomer of the Month (February):
Newcomer of the Month (March):
Tavish Ross

Both Kelly and Andy are great writers who've jumped into the sim with enthusiasm. They are great additions to our crew and very nice people.

200 post award:
Damon Raine

Theta Fleet Writer of the Month for February: Adam (Kyt)
Adam is quirky, funny and fun to write with. He's a valuable part of all his sims.

Theta Fleet Player of the Month (March): Andy (Tavish)
Andy is CO of the Discovery. It's a great sim set in the era of Star Trek 6. He creates an environment that fosters great writing and character development.

Cupid Award (March):
Damon Raine
Samantha York

Yeah, it's no big secret that the former Marine CO and former Chief Science Officer have been together since (almost) the beginning of the sim and are still going strong.


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