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More awards and an oops

Posted on Fri Jun 24th, 2011 @ 10:38pm by Commodore Samantha York

I forgot three very important awards.
Longevity Medal for serving for one consecutive year aboard the USS Calypso:
Marek Lovok
Delon Tovan
Chichire Shintaku

Longevity Star for 18 months continuous service:
Damon Raine
Samantha York

Congratulations and THANK YOU. I am amazed and touched by the number of people on this sim who've stuck with me for a year.

And now for the apology:
If is a long-standing joke in Theta Fleet that you DON'T let Charlie mess with the database. When she does, things break.
Well, she did and it did. Those of you who tried to log in to hte Calypso late last night or early this morning saw that.

Thanks to Miracle Marcus, the skin was fixed and the site is again working (now you see why I call him Miracle Marcus). It will have reset your preferences to Titan, so if you want to change back to Calypso Red, go to My Account and select Change Display Preferences.

I was attempting to add a new skin, which failed miserably. lol
I WILL try again, but I've got someone playing with it on a test site so I won't break anything. :)



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