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End Game

Posted on Mon Oct 24th, 2011 @ 9:08am by Commodore Samantha York

Okay, everyone, here's the plan for the rest of this week.

1) Damon, Daniel, Damion and a Marine detachment will investigate the explosion that killed the magistrate and (probably) Tramira Kyt. (Should take one post.)

2) Science and Engineering will find a wormhole in the sector (probably Michnar IX). It has a fixed exit point. It spews out debris from various points in time and space (usually time, sometimes space). (Should take one, maybe two posts.)

3) We'll stop to investigate on our way out. Nothing major. Oddities. Maybe a P51, a submarine, a broken shuttle. Little things. Wanna find an oddity? Go ahead. But we're NOT staying. (One post.)

4) Everyone else can recover, help in the investigation or do some character development.

5) We go to Typhon for shore leave. Here, Captain Samantha York will meet Commander Samantha York of the USS Jefferson. More importantly, DAMON and Captain Bennett will meet the "twin."

Backstory: I created Sam York on the Republic in Obsidian Fleet. The sim left the fleet and went Independent. With the permission of both Captains, I transferred Sam to the USS Orion in Obsidian Fleet.
Three months later, the Orion left OF with the Endeavor and, along with Starbase Typhon, formed Theta Fleet.
Shortly after that, the Republic joined Theta Fleet (now the Jefferson).
I had two Sams with at least six months on their sims. They'd become two different people with the same bio. With the permission of both COs and the CinC of the fleet, both stayed.
Caly Sam is now the CO. Jeffie Sam is the XO.

Now they're going to meet.

We'll hit Typhon this weekend.

Then Sam will find the map and we move on to the mission.


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