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Star Trek Trivia

Posted on Fri Oct 28th, 2011 @ 1:20am by Lieutenant Commander Delon Tovan

That's right folks! Star Trek Trivia is coming to the Calypso starting Monday, October 31st 2011.

So, here is how it works:

Basically each week I will ask three different questions from three different categories. First question will be posted on Monday, second question on Wednesday and third and last question will be posted on Friday. These questions will be posted as a news item. I have gone ahead and made a Star Trek Trivia category for the news that way we can keep them separate from all the other news items.

Now, you as a participant in the game will have until Sunday evening of each week to answer all three questions and submit them to me via a PM here on the Calypso. You can answer one question, two questions or all three questions that is completely up to you. I will keep track of all the correct answers that you make and at the end of each month we will issue a special ribbon to the one that has most correct answers for that month.

That reminds me, I must speak to the Captain about getting a ribbon made for this practical Calypso exclusive trivia game!

Anyways, back to submitting the answers!

So, whenever you are ready to submit your answers start a PM and title it Star Trek Trivia, place your answers in the body of the message and send them to me. But make sure you do this by Sunday evening.

Right now, I will not disclose the exact what time Sunday night I will post the answers and close the week out as I am not sure myself. Just know that it will happen every Sunday night. So, as soon as you have the answers submit them! Plus, this way it keeps you on your toes.

So, like stated previously the game will start this coming up Monday, October 31st 2011.

In addition, I have a quick disclaimer to make. As this is a new game I reserve the right to add or remove any rules from the game as we go. I am sure that we will figure things out more and more as each week passes and see what works and what doesn't so the game will constantly be evolving.

Anyway questions, concerns or suggestions feel free to send them my way.

Lt. Commander Tovan Delon
Chief Operations Officer aka Mission Chief
USS Calypso


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