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Skins and Snow

Posted on Thu Dec 1st, 2011 @ 10:45am by Commodore Samantha York

Happy December!

I've put up the Christmas greeting on the main page.

I don't know if you've noticed, but we now have a number of skins. CalyRed and calyGold have the revolving banners. Skin_2 is one image. Skin_3 is basically Skin_2 with two images that revolve.

CalyGold and Skin_2 have snow for the season on the main page. (and personnel)

I live in Utah. It snows here in the winter, so I like a little javascript snow for December. :)

Time for awards! Is there someone on the ship you think deserves an award for November? Nominate them!
Also nominate a Crew's Choice nominee!

The mission is underway. I'll be posting the arrival mission this week and we'll head to the first planet. Not only do we have pirates, we have a mysterious mission advisor who is up to no good.

On a very special note, Damon will be on temporary assignment for this mission. He was originally going to be keeping Sam in line, but Cole wants to do some character development with him away from the Calypso. He assures me it's only for this mission and he wants to use this time to develop some of his NPCs, so he'll still be around. Cole is still the XO of the sim, but Delon will be the acting XO in character (which will fit in with some of HIS ideas). Damion will be stepping up as acting 2nd Officer.

I'll admit, I'm hesitant to lose my favorite XO, if for only one mission, but I agree that this could be a very good opportunity for Cole to develop Damon a bit and bring him back to us for the next mission (which is his idea) as a better XO (although I think he's pretty awesome as is).



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