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Fleet Awards and stuff

Posted on Mon Feb 6th, 2012 @ 8:16am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, everyone!

Several things:

1) Our Chief Science Officer quit due to RL time constraints. She will be missed.
2) We're almost done with this phase of hte mission. The away team is going to find another piece of the puzzle and return to the ship. The vignettes post is the transition post to the next planet -- and the pirate battle. As Alen has been away for a month now, I'm not sure exactly what he had planned, so we're going to have our big confrontation with the pirates on the next planet. And find the "treasure."
3) We're changing the next mission. The nightmare mission has been pushed back to do another one that Cole suggested.
We'll end the current mission with news that Damon's ship disappeared on his way back to teh Calypso. Naturally we're going to go investigate. That's where we end this mission.
The next mission starts two weeks (or so) later. We're prisoners on a mining planet and forced to work in the underground mines. We don't know where the Calypso is or how to get out. And we're not all together. Some may have hidden on the ship or escaped. The mission will be to somehow get out, get the ship and get away. How is up to you. :) I'm still looking for a good title.
4) The Calypso won the Silver Unit of Distinction Award for January. And the Sim of the Year Award for 2011. Way to go! Those awards are primarily for the outstanding work by the crew of a sim, so it just goes to show that I'm right when I say I have the best crew in Theta Fleet!
5) Marty (Marek Lovok) won the Player of the Month award. He created the new Theta Fleet logo and the awesome new ship images in the Ship Listing. (Yay, Marty!)
Amy (Leanne Bowen) won Writer of the Month. (Yay, Amy!)
6) Once a month the COs and Command Staff of Theta Fleet have a meeting. The minutes are uploaded to the Fleet Database on the Theta Fleet site.
If you aren't using the forums, register as one of your player characters and post. Also check the news items from time to time. theta
I will admit, I don't often repost awards and news items here. I need to do better.

I've been a bit busy in RL putting together a schedule for a writing symposium next week. I'll do better about keeping things moving.

As always, ideas and twists are always welcome!



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