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Poke a stick in it, it's done!

Posted on Sat Mar 24th, 2012 @ 4:04am by Commodore Samantha York

The Race for the Lost Treasure is officially over.
At the end, everyone pulled together and it really ended nicely.

We start the next mission 27 days AFTER the Von Braun is left to rot in a ship graveyard (bridge is severely damaged, bridge crew is dead).

Most of the crew was transported to a mining colony as slave labor. Read the mission description adn the summary for more details.

A few crew members escaped capture and have been working hard to restore power to the ship.

The crew of the USS Edison is coming in search of the missing ship. (Adam, Voz and Marty are on both sims.) Not sure if they'll actually FIND us, however. lol

If you have stray posts from former missions, you can still finish them and post them as back posts or when we're back on teh Calypso.

Well done, everyone!


As a note, I'm running a convention next week and will be absent most of the time between Wednesday and Sunday. :)

I will NOT be answering emials, but I hope to check the ship itself from time to time, so send me a PM if it's urgent. :)


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