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New corpsman and mission update

Posted on Thu May 10th, 2012 @ 7:05am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, all!

Please join me in welcoming our newest player to the Calypso, Colt.

Mission update:
We're in two groups. One in the mines, one on the Von Braun.
The group in the mines is working on getting together so they can find a way out.
The group on the Von Braun are splitting into two groups to scavenge parts from two other ships.
What you don't know is that the Tesla will be coming to help you. (Crew of the Edison)

Some of you are writing a lot. Many of you are doing nothing. I know it's spring and school is getting out, but now is a great time to see what your character is made of.

If you aren't sure what to write about, drop me a PM. I'm in both groups and will be happy to help you. So is Cole (Trent and Allen).
Adam (Cassandra, Stran, Daniel) is on the planet. So is Damion, but he's confused right now, so I wouldn't recommend running into him. :)
Jourdan and Marek are on teh ship.

We haven't found Damon yet. We won't until late in the mission.

That should give you a place to start. If you need help, just ask. :)



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