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Phase 2 of the current mission

Posted on Thu Jun 21st, 2012 @ 8:01pm by Commodore Samantha York

Mission Update:
The Von Braun group is arriving at third ship, a Miranda class, will be in good shape. Mostly. The environmental controls were shut down. And all the crew is still aboard. So, you'll have to do some clean up to get the ship working. (Get the systems online and transport the dead off the ship.
Meanwhile, in the mines, Damon has finally been located. But he's in the most remote part of the lower mines. Sam is sending everyone else to the surface under Damion's watch. Sam is going after Damon.
At a signal, there's going to be a large explosion in the refinery (where the ore that's mined goes for processing. This will cause a cave in of the refinery and power is going to fail. The only "light" will be the burning of the refinery, the light from the mining area (thermal) and the emergency light in the guard tower.
The guard tower is several stories high, built into the side of the cave system. It's the only way in or out of the mines. (Unless you go through the refinery with the ore, but you're not going to survive that trip). There are large metal cans with fires for cooking/burning rubbish here and there. I expect there will soon be more fires as angry prisoners set fire to the camps.
So, Damion is going to lead the fight through teh guard tower to the surface of the planet. Marines, security, and all survivors will be in the group. (Everyone but Sam and Damon, who will join them later.)
On the surface, you'll find barracks for the guards, and nothing else. The only communications will be in the guard tower with the people running the mines.
The owners, who are the ones hijacking ships and beaming the crew to the mines, are currently away. So, the mine group will need to be rescued. At the moment, it's likely to be the Von Braun team on the Miranda. If not, we do have a contingency plan.
This is the framework. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Have fun!


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