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Posted on Sat Aug 25th, 2012 @ 12:49am by Commodore Samantha York

Awards for the last quarter:

April: Gold Unit of Distinction
June: Silver Unit of Distinction
July: Bronze Unit of Distinction

Time Served:
Damon Raine: 3 years
Samantha York: 3 years
Leroy Mangalia: 2 years
Eamon Lynx (Marek Lovok): 2 years
Damion Wolfe: 1 year
Jourdan Abbott: 6 months
Patrick O'Dell: 6 months

Damion Wolfe to Lieutenant
Cassandra Levue to Lieutenant

Other Awards:

Other Awards:
Funny Bone: Daniel Daniels (or should I say, Chuck Norris)
For the delightful dialog between Levue, Daniels, Stran, Jill and Kyt.
Adam is a joy to read.
NPC RIbbon: Chuck Norris
Two words: Chuck Norris. (And friends. Okay, that's four words, but still...)
Duane Ribbon: Adam
For excellence in writing.
Captain's Honor: Adam
For being someone who has always been reliable and helpful. He has been an asset to this sim and will be missed.
Player of the Month: June 2012:
For his excellent writing in June, 2012

Distinguised Newcomer of the Month: Cameron Bourne
For jumping into the mission and getting involved.

Mission Development Ribbon: Damon Raine
For his invaluable help refining plot ideas, developing story twists and resolutions. I pass all my ideas past Cole and he always helps make them better.

Character Development Ribbon; Damion Wolfe
For creating a truly tormented character.


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