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September/October Awards

Posted on Fri Nov 2nd, 2012 @ 5:34am by Commodore Samantha York

Caly Sim Awards:

Player of the Month (September): Vance
Our favorite Zombie is now Borg. What more needs be said?
Writer of the Month: Adam.
Adam has always been a joy to write with and a joy to read. Alas, he is no longer simming with us. He will be missed.

Player of the Month (October, tie): Austin & Nick D.
Austin is the only Typhon player who has been an active part of this mission. And he has been very active. He's been one of the driving forces of this mission and he is greatly appreciated.
Nick D. plays Cameron Bourne. He's quick to reply to a tag and can always be relied on to add to a JP.
Writer of the Month (October): Voz
Voz has added several twists to this mission. One being his character of Max Hunter. Max has totally complicated Admiral Burke's life. It's going to be a fun storyline.
Nemesis: Vance
Our "beloved" XO now Borg is making life very difficult for the Calypso. Zombie Moth Lives!
CO of the Quarter(tied with Hans Shiloh of the Falcon): Samantha York
Dedication Cross: Cole.
Cole has been my writing partner, Sam's in character partner and my chief support since the beginning. In many ways he's the brain of the Calypso. Even though he's on ELOA, he still helps me with mission ideas and suggestions on how to get out of tough situations (like an attack by a Borg Rhombus). I don't know what I'd do without him. He has become a dear friend whom I realy on both in and out of character. He is and always will be an intrinsic part of the sim.

Calypso Crew:
SilverUnit of Distinction for September
Gold Unit of Distinction for October

Longevity Awards:
Leanne Bowen: 3 years
Jourdan Abbott: 1 year

Posting Levels:
Cole: 300 posts
Amy: 200 posts
Voz: 100 posts

Posts of the month"
Ghostly Waters (part 1)
Other parts: 1161/1163/1162)
The Devil You KNow (7 parts)


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