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End of Mission

Posted on Tue Jan 15th, 2013 @ 7:53am by Commodore Samantha York

We are now at the end of "The Enemy Within: Lying in Wait". I am in four mission posts that should end this current mission. "Reflections" is one with everyone. If you want to add a few paragraphs about what your character is doing now that the Rhombus is destroyed, go ahead.

Colonel von Hackleberg will be leaving us at the end of this mission. He has been an amazing addition to the crew and will be missed. However, he belongs to Starbase Typhon and will be moving on to work with the Jefferson on their part of this joint mission.

The Calypso will stop at Tiberius V long enough to drop off the survivors of the Columbia and for Damon and Sam to have a brief meeting with the Captain and XO of the Jefferson. Then we will stop for a few days at the Athena Shipyards for repairs.

Cole and I will start a JP with the CO of the Jefferson. If you want to write anything about stopping at the shipyards, do so now. We won't be spending any real time there.

I opened the new mission, "A Pirate's Life." This will start with a burial at sea and a wake for Leo Mangalia. Then we'll promote Cameron Bourne to Marine CO. Everyone is invited to that. It will be held aboard the "Black Pearl" on the holodeck. Come in costume!

After the promotion, Vance and others of the crew will leave the holodeck to man the bridge. Sam and those who want to stay on board will celebrate a bit longer and end up stuck.

This mission will have several parts.
Part 1: the Black Pearl. Kate the Cursed (Sam) and her crew will haev to fight the British Royal Navy and stay alive while they try to figure out how to get off the holodeck. Depending on how things go, they might get captured and tried for piracy.
Part 2: Vance and the rest of the crew will eventually find out that the holodeck is malfunctioning and effect repairs. There is a good chance that other systems will malfunction, causing delays with the holodeck repairs.
Part 3: a side mission with Damion Wolfe. Yes, he's been acting crazy on purpose!

You've all done an amazing job with the last mission. I'm honored to be your Captain and to write with you.



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