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Coming and Going

Posted on Sat Jul 27th, 2013 @ 7:07am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, everyone!

The last post of the mission is still up. (Getting back to normal.)
I'll leave it up until Sunday and then post it. Tag in if you want to show your character getting back to normal after the nightmares.

I also started the first post of the new mission. We'll start out on a routine exploration and find an m-class planet with a technological signature.

When we get there, we'll be beamed down to the planet with no memories of who we are. Everyone will be dressed in the same generic work clothes (pants, shirt, etc.). Everyone will have a wrist band with their first name on it.

Yes, you can read the name.

We'll be in an abandoned compound with barracks and a mess of sorts, but the place has clearly been unused for a long time.

There are animals roaming wild and crops that have been untended.

You will have the basic drives you had before. You'll have your basic personality. Couples will still be drawn to each other. There will be some innate knowledge of how to get food.

What you have to do is first, realize that something is wrong, then try to find out why you're here and what's going on. Then you have to find a way out.

So, have fun developing your character with no memory, no idea of who is leader, explorer, fighter. Play your character, get to know the rest of the crew, and, most importantly, have fun!



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