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State of the Mission

Posted on Sat Apr 26th, 2014 @ 5:56am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, guys!

Okay, I thought I'd been clear enough on the different JPs, but it seems I wasn't and some of you are confused. I apologize for that.

Here's what's going on:

In the Arena:

There is a JP where the group in the prison are talking about options.
There's a JP where Sam and Teenah are fighting. This post is going to escalate the problem as Sam is going to tick off Nero.

Back story: Nero is just the middle man. He runs the arena and the activity on the planet, but he works for a syndicate who also ran a mining facility that Sam, Damon and a few crew members destroyed. It's the guy over the syndicate that's pulling the strings.

The gladiatorial combat will continue until help arrives.

We'll probably end up destroying this place, too. lol (See below.)

On the Caly there are two JPs.

1) Warp Trails and Haystacks is where the crew follows the warp trail and drops out of warp in the same sector as the ship we're following. Or so we hope. This is the "getting there" post.

2) Getting in is where we start looking for the arena.
Cam contacted Kara when the ship dropped out of warp and entered the system. The post was done before we got there, and posted early, which is fine. (There was a question about this, so I'm clearing it up here in case others have questions, too.) So Cam can tell Vance and Munich that the ship is close. And that the missing crew are imprisoned in some sort of gladiatorial arena.

In this post, it's already been stated that there are two M-class worlds and one that could support life with a little assistance. We're looking at these three planets first.

The fighter pilots are checking out two of them. The Marines will send a drop ship to the other one and do a ground search.

We know (in this post) that a ship passed near at least three planets and then left. We don't know which planet is the right one. The facility is hidden. We can't scan it and we can't find it by looking for tranporter signals, comm signals or by finding a ship in orbit.

The planet does have a defense system. It won't trigger just by getting close to it, but it will if we physically get close. So, depending on which group finds it, either the fighters or Marines will trigger the defense system.

At that point, the ship will be attacked and more people will be beamed off the ship. The defense system is not based at the arena. It may not even be based on the same planet. It'll be on one of the outlying planets. Or two of them. I'll leave it up to you on which way you want to play this.

The arena itself will be hard to find and hard to access. You have to get in before you can find the crew and fight your way out. (Yeah, there will be more fighting.) And you can create mayhem on your way out. Nero and his guards will not survive this.

If you have questions, you can put them in the OOC post, or PM me directly. I hope this helps clear things up. :)



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