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Jamie wants big boom!

Posted on Fri Jun 6th, 2014 @ 7:47am by Commodore Samantha York

Time to have some fun!

The fighters have launched, the Calypso is firing everything it's got.

Both away teams are now inside the compound. (The "Come Together" post.)

Korok is on the ground in the arena. Roberta, you can find him and rescue him if you wish. :)

The Little Slave Girl is going to open all the prison doors.

Our newest member (welcome Todd!) is a prisoner. He'll be our new Diplomat and Chaplain. He's one of the prisoners.

At the end of this mission, the Calypso will be out of weapons (except for the phasers), the fighters get to blow up weapons turrets on other planets in the system and everybody except the nameless NPCs we've killed, will come home, leaving the compound burning behind them.

Yes, now is the time for the epic action/adventure finale! Have fun, blow things up, get into a big fight, and come back to the Caly so we can limp home for repairs and a bit of relaxation.



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