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Mission Update

Posted on Sat Sep 13th, 2014 @ 1:02am by Commodore Samantha York

As the situation is getting a little chaotic on the Calypso, I thought I should send out a mission update. :)

First, Amy, our Chief Medical Officer, has been removed. Apparently life is preventing her from tagging in or replying to emails. Amy has been around almost from the early days of the USS Orion and she will be missed.

Marty, Eamon Lynx, has also left the sim because he's too busy in RL.

Mission Update:

The Calypso was sent to negotiate peace talks between Paneria Seven and Pcturius Prime. The two worlds have been at war for two centuries and now wish to make peace and possibly join the Federation.

The two delegations boarded the ship and we had a reception (part 2 of that post is almost finished). The Panerians are a male-dominated culture. The Octurians are female-dominated.

During the night, the Panerian delegation is murdered. That post is in the works now.

Sam will inform the Panerians of the deaths and assure them a full investigation is under way. She will also inform the Octurian delegation. There will be no post about this. It will happen between the murder post and the emergency briefing post.

In the emergency briefing, the senior staff is informed of the murder and the investigation. Crew are given assignments.

Medical/Science: I need to confer with Voz, but I believe you will find that whoever did this knew exactly what he or she was doing. The blade strike was exactly where it needed to be for maximum damage and an instant kill. Those who were beaten up were also killed quickly with little chance of defense. The murderer is someone who knows how to kill.

Ops: You will find that someone transported on and off the ship during the night. They came from a cloaked shuttle and knew Intel codes to allow them to sneak in without setting off any alerts.

Fighters: You will be asked in the second briefing to gather the pieces of the shuttle and bring it back for investigation. You will also be the ones to determine why the shuttle exploded. It will be from the inside rather than an outside source. And there will be some question as to why the passengers didn't have time to get off the ship.

Ignatz, you get to keep the Octurians from leaving or declaring war.

Those of you in the second briefing will have to find out who is framing a member of Starfleet for the murder. Specifically, Damion Wolfe.

Nick, Voz, Darrell and I are plotting out the details and will let individuals know what they find as we go along.

If you missed it:
Alexandra Vance's shuttle blew up and no one got off the shuttle.
Damion Wolfe is being framed for the murder of the Panerians. This will bring him back onto the Calypso and wrap his secondary story.
Someone/ones at Starfleet Command are trying to remove Vance from the Calypso and may be behind her murder.
If we are not careful, the Panerians will blame the Octurians for the murder of their delegates, the Octurians will blame a rebel faction of the Panerian government and if either side finds out that Damion Wolfe is the prime suspect, they will band together, blame the Federation and sever all ties.
We have a Ferengi who is doing business with both governments and wants to continue doing so. He is trying to help with the negotiations.

Confused? Just wait, the plot is likely to get more complicated as we go along. :)



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