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Posted on Fri Sep 19th, 2014 @ 11:46pm by Commodore Samantha York

Clearing up some confusion...

We were at the Starbase for four days. The first two we were doing repairs and changing crew.

MD 1-2:
Then there was a 48 hour period of time where we had shore leave and the Court Martial of Alexandra Vance.

MD 3-7
We were en route for five days before arriving at our destination.

MD 8:
We arrive at our destination and bring on board the delegates.
That evening, we have the Diplomatic Reception.

MD 9:
The Panerian Delegation is murdered in the wee hours.
Spartacus discovers the bodies.
The two governments and Starfleet are notified of the murders.
Emergency Briefing
Second briefing to talk about Vance and Wolfe
A crew member is stripped, whipped and left in Vance's quarters.

To be determined:
Autopsy of the delegation. (Frost, Roberts, Storm)
Ops discovers unauthorized transportation.
Fighter Pilots bring back shuttle wreckage and investigate.
Barak and Jones deal with the two planetary governments.
Munich can look into communications to see if there's been any unusual activity.
Security and Intel look into the framing of Wolfe
Blackcat and Burke can look into Starfleet's connection with Vance and Wolfe.
Beckinsale will be looking into any clues Vance left behind.
Spartacus will be helping as needed.
Am I missing anyone?



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