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State of the Mission

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2016 @ 10:16am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, everyone!

It's been a while since I sent one of these out. Sorry.

Just to let you know, we're wrapping up this mission. In fact, I want to be done with it and have everyone back on the Calypso in one week. I know this is short, but we really are almost done. Also, Nick will be on LOA for two months so I want this mission wrapped before he leaves. Next Sunday will be his last day to tag.

What we have left:

The fighters on Gekkaro V have been discovered by a Romulan Scout ship. The Romulans know some of the team is on Gekkaro IV and they're curious why we're here. There's a post with the fighters and the Romulans right now. As soon as the Calypso shows up, the Romulans will turn tail and run. They don't want a fight, or a war, they just want to know what WE find so interesting.

The Calypso is on the way back. They will arrive in the sector to find the Romulan Scout ship being harassed by the fighters.

Planetside, Teenah, Illise, and Arnon can go to the market, buy clothes, and go back to the inn. Or they can see a bunch of acolytes and villagers heading to the temple and go back to see what's up.
Cam and Kara will basically help keep the peace and show that we're not here to be messed with. They're painted up and will look pretty menacing to the people on the planet. Go Marines!
Sam has humiliated Frenatus and he's ticked. The goal is to have him NOT look like a god. If he uses his lightning, people will die, but hopefully he'll see reason once the acolytes and villagers show up. Sam will make some sort of speech from the balcony, the rebels will step forward, the acolytes will lose faith in Frenatus, and we can work out some sort of peaceful resolution.
Frenatus only wanted to help the development of the people, he just took a wrong turn somewhere along the line. So, without the acolytes doing his bidding without question, without his generator (yeah, we're going to take that with us), he'll be forced to work WITH the villagers instead of making them do his bidding. We're Starfleet. This time, everybody lives. :)

That's basically where I'm headed. You can all put in your bits and we'll see where we end up. Once again, I would like this mission wrapped in one week or we have to do it without Nick.

Thanks, everyone! This has been a great mission. I've loved your posts and what your characters are doing. Great job!



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