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Wrapping Up

Posted on Fri May 27th, 2016 @ 10:20am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, everyone!

I like what you've brought to this particular mission. It's been fun to read. :)

However, it's time to start wrapping it up and moving on to our next mission.

The current post is for just that. Some of you are actively involved, some of you are in the post to get the engines back online (Will, I need your help with this).

I am also going to be culling some of the crew that has not been participating of late. Real life happens, and I know we all get slow from time to time, but when I don't hear from people or they say they'll be posting and they don't, I know that it's time to let them take care of whatever is taking up their time and hope they will come back later. If a player is not posting here but is posting on another sim, I will take that as a lack of interest in this sim and that player will be removed with no hard feelings.

The next mission will be the Jenefran mission from the last briefing. Sam will stay on the ship and I'll be NPCing the daughter of the Jenefran ruler (mostly because there's a lot to this mission and I can best make sure the pieces that need to be brought out are if I play her).

There will be other NPCs for this mission as well as your characters. Most of what goes on will be on the planet, so stuff on the ship will be minimal.

Science, medical, Marines, and Intel will definitely be needed, along with anyone else who wants to participate. We can use anyone and everyone.

There are two groups of people, the Jenefrans, which will involve the leader, his daughter, and another council member (think Jafar). So I'll need people to play the other two members of the Jenefran delegation.

The other group of people have two main characters, a female shaman and the male leader of the group.

There will also be room for other NPCs to come and go throughout the mission.

PM me if you're interested in playing any of these characters. There is a good chance more than one of you will want to play a particular NPC, so I will pick the one I think can play it best based on what I believe that character to be. I apologize in advance if you ask to play an NPC and aren't picked. I may also end up rolling a dice if you're equally competent. lol

Basic info:

Daughter (played by me -- sorry): Is being groomed to marry one of the Jenefran council members and does not wish to. She's rebellious and stubborn. She is the one who contacts the Federation and asks for help.

Her father: Ruler of the Jenefran people. He listens to his council advisors who are more interested in their own agenda than the people. Pompous and opinionated. He feels he knows best all the time.

Council member: Being groomed to take over after the father and will become engaged to the daughter -- against her wishes. He is the villain of this mission and will end up killing the father (or somehow getting him out of hte picture by the end of the story. How is up to the writer).

Shaman Female: She is the wise woman who knows a great deal; more than she lets on. She is the only one who knows the ancient history of this planet and is going to be key to the final resolution of the story.

Male leader of the primitives: He's the "hero" of the story. Hopefully. Ideally, he hooks up with the daughter, but that may or may not happen, depending on how the story progresses.

Ideally, the hero and heroine marry and join the two people under one rule. But, this is the Calypso and you never know. lol There will be peace in the end, but it's going ot be difficult.

The Jenefrans are at war with the primitive people of Jenefra. The daughter fears that her father and the council will kill all the primitives and wants the Federation to come and stop the war and find a way for the two peoples to live in peace.

The primitive people appear to be unable to communicate and live in crude huts in small villages -- at least that's what is seen.

The Jenefrans are technologically advanced and have recently achieved warp capability.

There's clearly more to the story, but that will be revealed as we go along. I'll give more details to the players of these key NPCs. The rest of you will help solve the various puzzles, get involved in the lives of these characters, and hopefully stop the war before it's too late.

If you have ideas for more NPCs, or for twists, let me know.

This mission is based on one created by Fruit Loop for a different sim several years ago. It was such a fun mission I asked her if we could use it on the Calypso, and she agreed.


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