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Mission Outline

Posted on Wed Aug 18th, 2010 @ 3:41am by Commodore Samantha York
Edited on Wed Aug 18th, 2010 @ 4:00am

Hi, everyone!

First, I like to do several mission-specific JPs at a time. That way, the faster posters can write and those who have less time can tag in when they can. Basically, in a large JP, feel free to gat in where you feel you fit. Just be sure to mark it if it's farther up in the post with a double space above and below and maybe a tag. I always check the JP before I post it.

Second, so we're all on the same page:
JP group 1: The first away team. Karma, Jerry, Leroy, Jason, Marines. This is the 'first contact' with Xon (NPCd by Kaj). Contact is established and arrangements are made for the second group to help with peace talks.
JP group 2: The Peace Conference. This involves the Union, The Alliance and The Coalition. JP involves Damon, Sam, Nava, Erin and Delon. Posts will be in the meeting (JPs) and in New Paris. Group 2 heads down to the planet as soon as group 1 returns (probably early the next morning).
JP group 3: The Mercenary Battle. I just started this one. This happens while the away team 2 is dealing with the peace talks. They will be stuck on the planet and have to deal with the city at night. Everyone else is on the Calypso dealing with the ship getting attacked. Those who have PCs on the planet will have NPCs on the ship. Two Merc ships. Harassing first, then a pot shot, then a full-out attack. Fighters will be deployed. You may want a Marine/Security boarding party (depending on how the battle goes).
JP group 4: Planetside. After the mercs are dealt with, a group of Engineers/Ops/Science/Marines will go to the surface of Turkana IV to see if it is habitable. Basically, if peace talks work, people will be returning to the surface. During this phase (either on the ship or on the surface) someone will find some alien technology that boosts a mind control device used by Xon. Until this point, nobody knows HOW Xon has achieved peace.
JP group 5: It all falls apart. The Coalition and the Alliance find out about the mind control. Not a clue how this will end. :)
JP group 6, if necessary: Wrapping up and heading home.

I will endeavor to have two of the group JPs going at a time to keep things moving and keep people from getting bored. Feel free to create little side plots and work for your PC and NPCs while the main mission moves forward. If you have questions or concerns, let me know. I want everyone to get involved and have fun.

Finally, thanks to Kaj for coming up with this mission. He's done a great job with it!



Cast of NPCs on Turkana IV:

Lincoln Prow: Turkana IV Sector Marshall

Cheoin Kabok: human/Vulcan hybrid. Leader of The Union. (NPCd by Kaj)
Xon (same as above?) (NPCd by Sam)

Gloriana Vak: Assistant to the Planetary Government, greeter. (NPCd by Sam)

Captain Danjou: Captain of the guard in New Paris (NPCd by Sam)

Lumiya Onasi: Head of the Alliance; (NPCd by Alen)
Grand Marshal Teenan Varik: Head of the Coalition: (NPCd by Cole)

Shady evil mastermind (NPCd by Adam)

The Coalition is aggressive. The Alliance subversive. The Union wants peace.


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