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Mission Update

Posted on Wed Oct 20th, 2010 @ 2:08pm by Commodore Samantha York

Where we are right now:

Sam and the head of the Coalition have been kidnapped by the Orion. They are currently being held on Turkana IV.

The Grand Marshal has a device that will lead to global destruction if he isn't found in 18 hours.

Delon and his department are checking transmissions from the Coalition.

Karma has collapsed and is in sickbay. He will be transferred off the ship when we get back to Federation space.

Damon is holding down the fort and looking for Sam.

Science and Engineering are looking at the strange device. They should discover that it is some sort of mental dampening device.

Security and the Marines are searching for clues.

Nava, Erin and Aldara will be helping with the investigation.

Everyone is welcome to play PCs or NPCs. If you need ideas, talk to me, Damon, Delon or Lorne. We're the ones causing all the chaos. lol

We have several people who are really busy right now and haven't been online much. Let's work around them to get this mission wrapped up.

What do we have left to do?

Find the mind control/suppression devices and how they work.
Rescue Sam and the Grand Marshal.
Get the three groups on Turkana IV talking.
Keep the mercenaries at bay.
We may or may not find out about the Orion.

Great job, everyone!



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Comments (1)

by Lieutenant JG Marek Lovok [Lynx] on Sat Dec 4th, 2010 @ 5:21pm

What mind control devices?