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Free to Write

Posted on Sun Oct 24th, 2010 @ 8:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Leanne Bowen

Hi everybody!

I'm so glad that Calypso made gold for September. I'm writing this announcement to say that if you need someone to write with, feel free to do so with one of my characters in sickbay. Doctor Bowen is a little slow as she is coming down with an unknown virus (caught it by two people that had it). Nothing major is happening with this virus yet...but, you never know. Right now, I see that we are focusing of finding Commander York.

Behind this writing for Calypso, I work at home and I'm in college part-time (my studies has been less work and easy). I can respond quickly to any joint posts as I use the computer for my work. :-)

So, somebody out there needs a physical exam...maybe they are behind? Have an injury or illness? Come see me.

AKA Leanne Bowen, Jason Hart, Barbara Tarango, and Yvette Jaynes.


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