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The Home Stretch... and stuff

Posted on Sat Dec 18th, 2010 @ 3:20am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, everyone!

It's one week until Christmas... And I haven't finished my shopping yet. I HATE last minute shopping.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a really great holiday season.

We're in the final stretch of this mission. I just sent a starter for the final JP back with the three faction leaders.

What we have left:

Figure out how to tap into the signal to the neural implant. (three posts in progress)
Resolve the "who shot first" with the Marines (in progress, but may bleed into the next mission)
Find out where McGraw's been (in progress and is the reason we have information on the Orion Merc)
Talk to the three faction leaders and get some sort of resolution. We'll probably end up with them starting to talk for the first time, but no idea how long it'll take. This is not one that is going to end with a "happily ever after." I'm hoping they'll be willing to TALK. lol

Crew News:
We've lost some crew due to real life. We may be losing two more. If you are in contact with Kaj or Shalie, let them know that we miss them.
Leo is on LOA. His grandfather passed away. As CO of the Calypso, as a friend, I wish him all the best. Tony, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Erin and Damon are busy this month, so be patient if they're slow to respond.

If you need anything, or have a problem, let me know. I will do what I can to help.

You guys are the best crew in Theta Fleet! I love the way we work together. It's a lot of fun. The conflicts and plot twists this mission have been a lot of fun to read!

The next mission is in the works. "The Forest of Mythraeli." It'll be a lot simpler than the current one. This one's a mystery with lots of room for character development. I hope you enjoy it. (As always, if you have ideas for plot twists, I'm always open to suggestions!)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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