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State of the Mission (so far)

Posted on Fri Feb 25th, 2011 @ 9:09am by Commodore Samantha York

Hi, everyone!

It's interesting that December and January were busy months in Theta Fleet, but February is slow. lol

That's okay. We all need some RL time. :)

Even so, you're still doing really well. I love seeing where you guys take the mission. It's never want I expect when we start out, but it's always great!

What's going on right now?

Alen is in boot camp until the end of March (Delon Tovan)
Tony will have sporadic Internet access for the next little while (Leo Mangalia)
Bo is back (Chichire Shintaku)

Mission update:

It's now night. If you're still doing day posts, don't worry about it. Timelines are soft and squishy around here. :) I'm starting posts for the next day.

The interference on the planet is caused by sentient trees. They don't like the comm signals, scans and tricorders. They use bioelectric waves to communicate with each other and are using these to block the signals. The trees don't know that WE are sentient, as they've never encountered people before.

It will take a telepath to finally make contact. (Probably Stran.)
He may end up doing a mind meld with a tree.

Once we get this straightened out, we'll have a very short shore leave on Mythraeli before we're sent on our next mission.

The next mission we'll be sent to deliver medicine and supplies to a plague-ravaged planet. The problem will be that the government can't keep law and order. Gangs are stealing supplies and selling them on the black market. We'll need to not only deliver the supplies but also guard them and help distribute them.
Marines and security will act as guards. Nava and Sam will work with the planetary government. Leanne will be in charge of distribution.

I don't have all the details yet, so if you have any ideas on how we can tweak this one, please send me a PM.

After the rescue mission, I'm considering a holodeck malfunction where we end up stuck on a pirate ship.

Again, ideas are always welcome!

Do you have an idea for the Forest of Mythraeli? Let me know. :)

Again, thank you all for doing such a fantastic job! You're a great group of writers and a lot of fun!

Keep up the good work. :)



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Comments (1)

by Lieutenant JG Marek Lovok [Lynx] on Fri Mar 11th, 2011 @ 8:50am

Pirate ship...

Why not on a deserted island?

Or on the Calypso but the crew are pirates?