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Lieutenant JG Alexandra Adeyemon

Name Alexandra Rosalia Adeyemon

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description Alex is very curvaceous. Her body is full and fit. She also seems to be younger than she is. One would think her 20 years old based on her appearance.


Father Vitto Adeyemon
Mother Rosalia Adeyemon

Personality & Traits

General Overview She has never been one for too much formality. She likes to keep things in order and she wishes to be respected, but also enjoys laughing at a few jokes and having fun.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alex is very intelegent and strong willed. She is a hard worker with a winning personality. She apears very confident in person but questioned herself in private.
Ambitions She is determined to spend her life doing what she loves, building. She wants to climb the rank ladder and one day have a large family.
Hobbies & Interests Alex enjoys to talk, dance and sing. Above all she has a strong passion for building and repairing, and also enjoys flying. Music is anouther passion of hers. She sings, and is an accomplished Pianist, Organist, Violinist, and is decent at many forms of Alien musical instruments.
Languages Federation Standard, Italian, Spanish, Small amounts of Klingon

Personal History Alexandra Adeyemon was born on February 17 in Rome, Italy, Earth. She spent much of her youth playing with friends in the garden her mother kept. She was a silly child who loved to have fun and spend time with her stay at home mother. Her father was the governor of Italy and always kept very busy. Although he was at work most of the time, he always made time to be with his daughter, taking her to flight lessons when she was in her teens. Alex soon developed a keen interest and talent for flying and discovered that she wanted to join starfleet.

Alex had always been a very strong student in school and worked hard for the good grades she got. She was also athletically and the Captain of the debate team as well as the Soccer team. Her teachers fully supported her going to the academy despite her mothers protest.

Following graduation, Alex enrolled in the academy, taking double majors in space flight and engineering, and a minor in operations.

During her academy years, her winning personality and sense of humor got her many friends. She spent allot of time with them but kept focus on her school work. She was almost forced to leave the academy when her father died in a horrific explosion in her home town.

Alex was made Captain of the Academy's honors flight squad when they discovered her talent. She graduated without a hitch from the academy.

She was posted on the USS Istanbul as The Lead shuttle pilot. Alex came to enjoy her role and worked very hard as she always had. Though she had always been extremely attractive, she found it very strange that professional starfleet officers made passes at her so often.After 4 years of the same post, and relatively no ship battles, Alex was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Her next assignment was a short lived one as Assistant Chief Engineer aboard the USS Enterprise D. After the ship was destroyed, she took her next assignment.

Her third posting was on the USS Stallion. She served there as the gamma shift helm officer for just under 3 mouths. The incident that prompted her promotion to a higher position was not a happy one in the slightest. It was her first mission, a mission of peace. The Stallion was attempting to keep the peace with the Cardasians. Alex was forced to spend most of her time in the background, since the Chief Flight Officer would take over whenever something exciting started to happen. She started to wonder why she had to play second best when her grades and flight scores were better than her department head's. She eventually got her chance to shine, just not in the way she'd hoped. A massive attack from a Cardasian Warship Killed the Bridge crew. Alex came to the Bridge to find the entire senior staff dead over their consoles.She decided that she only had two options: Wait for someone to take over and slump back into was the easier option, or take command and save her fellow crew members. She chose the latter. She assumed the role of Acting Captain, and destroyed two Keldon class warships, giving the last one a warning. Before she ordered the Stallion back to Federation space, Gul Dulak, the Commander of the remaining Cardasian ship, swore revenge on her. fleeing to safety without a single additional casualty. This show of courage impressed the promotions board almost as much as it imposed her and she was assigned as Chief Engineer on the USS Paladin.

She served on the Paladin for only 2 weeks, finding a way to bring their cloaking device to life, but as the Paladin returned from the delta quadrant, it was in shambles, and she decided to take a new assignment.
Service Record -Graduates academy and assigned as Lead Shuttle Pilot on the USS Istanbul.
-Promoted to Lieutenat (Jg) and assigned as ACEO on the Enterprise-D
-Worked as Gama Shift Helm officer aboard the USS Stallion
-Assigned as Chief Engineer aboard the USS Paladin.
-Assigned as the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Orion.