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Chief Petty Officer Shalie Montgomery

Name Shalie Montgomery

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion/Betazoid hybrid
Planet of Origin USS Utopia
Age 28
Birth Date April 2359

Physical Appearance

Height 5′ 7″
Weight 130 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Green
Physical Description Shalie’s skin is an emerald green, accented by her brown eyes and dark hair. Her body is attractively proportional to her height. She keeps herself in shape though a rigorous training regimen.


Father James Montgomery
Mother Shannon Montgomery

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shalie is rebellious to the core. Luckily for her she has learned to quell her inherent nature and is able to follow orders. She learned at a young age that if you offend those that watch your back, they may not be there when you need them. She is smart, however she is an underachiever in all areas of life that don’t excite her. When it comes to her duties she is always sure that her way is the best way. Although she will gladly try it your way first, just be prepared that she will pull and “I told you so” if it fails. She is devious and charming, but though trial and error she has learned to control herself.

Shalie’s first reaction is to be sarcastic. It is a defense mechanism that she has developed over the years. Very few people will ever know the real Shalie, as she doesn’t trust most people, especially humans, easily.

Although she would never admit it, Shalie is a hopeless romantic. She has given up on all chances of finding someone but enjoys the idea for others. She can easily lose herself in the peaceful sensations gained from reading books.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Quick on her feet
+Driven by solving the problem
+Loyal to Command Staff

-Doesn’t trust easily
Ambitions Shalie is only driven by one thing, avoiding her old life. It is not something she will talk about unless she trusts you and she doesn’t trust easily. As far as everything else goes she could take it or leave it.
Hobbies & Interests Shalie loves playing pool and darts. Most of what she does to waste time depends on her mood.

Shalie enjoys reading books especially those written by Jane Austin.

Shalie expends her excess energy with weapons training. It helps her focus her empathic abilities and control her sexual urges.

Personal History Shalie was discovered when she was 2 months old, in an escape pod after a nearby cargo ship, the Utopia, picked up a low level distress call. Her parents, James and Shannon Montgomery, use the day they found her in place of her birthday.

Shannon Montgomery loved Shalie in her own way. She and her husband had never intended on having children and were not prepared to be parents. They restricted Shalie’s every move on the ship, including who she was allowed to make friends with. Most of the other humans on the ship were hesitant about having an Orion on the ship.

When Shalie was 8 years old, James thought it was time to teach her responsibility. He started making her work with him in the engineering and operations positions on the ship. Over the years she spent on the ship she gained the reputation for being the one you went to when you needed a problem solved.

The crew of the Utopia never really opened up the Shalie. Growing up in an environment where no one trusted her forced her to rely only on herself. When other children were playing games together Shalie was down in engineering with her father learning and building.

When Shalie hit her teen years she began rebelling against her parents. Having spent her entire childhood being punished because of her "charms", at the age of 15 she began using it to manipulate the others on the ship. It started with only small things, and slowly accelerated.

It was a normal fight over the same old things that finally push Shalie to her breaking point. She enlisted in Starfleet. She knows she had the potential to test into the Academy but she would so anything to escape the tyranny of her father.

During AIT, Shalie seemed to find her groove in life. She focused most of her time on the school. She thrived in ops and engineering. Although she was developed a mischievous streak during her training, she managed to keep from getting into too much trouble. She made enemies easily especially at local bars. She would use men for her gain and dispose of them when she was finished. It entertained her but in the end she was still alone.

Shalie’s first assignment was as operations officer on the defiant class ship the USS Marianne. Annoyed with her predicament she decided to focus her intentions on finding a better assignment. She soon became an Engineering Officer and transferred to the USS Calypso.
Service Record 2359-2379 -Utopia
2379-2380 - Starfleet Academy
2380-2387 - USS Marianne
2387-Present - USS Calypso