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Lieutenant JG Tramira Kyt

Name Tramira 'Antimatter' Kyt

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Planet of Origin Bajor
Age 39
Birth Date November 4th, 2348
Location of Quarters Deck 9A

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 156 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brown
Physical Description While her face hides it well, her body is well covered with it's scars, and landmarks of the life she has lived. Her lifestyle is such, that physical shape is almost self-regulating, and she seems to carry a sadness with her, even when she is smiling.
Accent Not noticeable.


Spouse None
Wedding Date N/A
Children None
Father Not known
Mother Not known
Brother(s) Not known
Sister(s) Not known
Other Family The fourteenth home of children who are only guarded by each other, and the prophets.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tramira tends to be rather darkly-minded, as her life has not had much in the way of happy moments. She is very rarely rebellious, against an authority she recognizes, but will fight rather viciously against anyone, or anything who dares to impair her freedom, or that of any other.

While she is a medical doctor, she acts as a soldier first, and a medic second, a rather atypical point of view for combat medical officers.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Tends to be very duty-oriented.
+Fond of structure, and order.

-Not necessarily overly happy, and can be considered depressing to be around at times.
Ambitions Tramira's Ambitions have changed greatly over the past few months. She had originally intended to be a marine commanding officer, then, her life fell apart, and she intended to be simply exonerated of a crime she didn't commit. Now, her life, she has decided, needs a slightly different structure, and she has decided it involves a switch from marine corpsman service to Starfleet Security.
Hobbies & Interests Combat preparations, and pretty much any physical activity. She would probably be fond of organized sports, if she had had the time to learn the rules of any of them, throughout her life.
Languages Bajoran Standard, English

Personal History Born to an unknown couple, abandoned on an Orphanage's doorsteps, Tramira doesn't really have that much of a family. She has made one, out of those around her, all through her life, which is why she feels exceptionally out of place on the Calypso, her first posting, in five years.

In 2370, she was enlisted by the Bajoran Resistance, from the Bajoran institute for medical technology, as a Combat Medic. She took happily to this task, finding a good deal of satisfaction, defending her home. From that moment, when she first fired a weapon, in the defense of her people's freedom, she understood what it was she was looking for. Not the joy of helping someone, as she had originally thought, which spawned her interest in medicine, but instead, the joy of laying one's life on the line for another's freedom. The oddly happy feeling one gets, wearing the uniform of a soldier, watching a child play freely in a field, because of the tasks she had completed as a soldier.

In 2375, the Federation was in need of Marines, near the end of the Dominion war, and several Bajoran resistance factions disapproved of her change of loyalty, though she had argued that she was still fighting for the rights and freedoms the Bajoran Resistance factions thought so highly of, but merely, for more people.

Enlisted as a Marine Corpsman, several of her unit were originally put off by her point of view, that of a Soldier first, and a Medical Practitioner second. The clarification that she was "A protector of freedom first, and a healer second" helped ease those thoughts.

For 7 years, she served with this group of Marine officers, though she was not exceptionally noticed by her superiors, to merit much in the way of promotions.

In 2382, a prominent Andorian military leader was assassinated by a member of her Squadron. As his beliefs were very different to hers, and the other member in question was exceptionally deceitful, and sneaky, she was implicated in this death, and wrongly convicted.

She spent the next 5 years in a maximum security penal colony, not as Gunnery Sergeant Tramira Kyt, but Prisoner number 84M7L2. Upon the second appeal, the manufactured evidence was deemed false, and her claims of innocence were finally accepted, and she was released, and had her rank restored, though she had said, right from being released, that she did not want to return to the Marine Corps, instead requesting, before even being assigned to the USS Calypso, a transfer into Fleet Personnel as a Security Officer.
Education Bajoran Institute for Medical Technologies - Doctorate Degree(Biology, Xenobiology)

Service Record Bajoran Resistance

2370-2372: Medically oriented combatant

2372-2375: Squad leader

Federation Marine Forces

2375-2377: Sergeant - USS Winchester - Medical Corpsman

2377-2379: Staff Sergeant - USS Winchester - Medical Corpsman

2379-2382: Gunnery Sergeant - USS Winchester - Medical Corpsman

Federation Penal Colony on Mylon IV

2382-2387: Prisoner 84M7L2

Starfleet Security

2387: Security Officer - Acting Ensign ((Gunnery Sergeant)), USS Calypso

2388: Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Calypso

2388: AWOL Record filed, Disappeared. Refer to Starfleet Criminal Investigative Services Report, Michnar Seven Magistrate Bombing

Missing in action, wanted for 81 counts of homicide.