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Chief Warrant Officer Callen Thompson

Name Callen Thompson

Position Shuttlebay Manager

Second Position Quartermaster

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (unjoined)/Human
Planet of Origin Trill
Age 24
Birth Date June 10 2364
Location of Quarters Deck 4 458-04C
Player (for PNPCs) Serena Jones

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Skin Color Fair White
Physical Description Callen has long soft curly brown hair that she wears down off her shoulders. Medium size dark brown eyes; she usally wears black eyeliner around her eyes and black eye shadow. She has flawless white skin, with a few minor tattoos on her shoulder and back. She usally wears deep red lipstick all the time. She has a strong body structure and well endowed. She has faded spots coming from the sides of her temples longating down to her ankles.
Accent none


Spouse none
Wedding Date none
Children none
Father Kelm Kra (Trill ambassador)
Mother Zooey Thompson (Commanding officer)
Brother(s) Jordon (Dead at the age of 20 in a frieghter accident), Eric (Star Fleet Officer), and Joe (Died at the age of four from drowing)
Sister(s) Kim (married)
Other Family Admiral David Thompson and Commander Tiffany Cole (aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Callen comes off a hard looking person from her dark hair and dark make up. But once people look past that she is a hard worker that is determined and passionate for what she does. She loves to meet new people and make new friends; she always finds that some one has a story to tell. She has a bubbly personality most of the time but sometimes can come unglued when highly stressed out. At times she loves to joke around with others and tries to make a negitive situation into a positive one.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Determined
+Hard worker

-Not great under pressure
Ambitions To some day to become a fleet admiral like members of her family
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys flying, hanging out with her friends and family, sings and preforms occationally, hangs out at the helo suite for fun or at the gym/gun range.
Languages Several Earth (Germen, Russian, Italian...), Klingon, Bajorian, Kinzi, Trill, and Ferengi

Personal History Callen was born on a freighter ship in 2364. Her mother Lt. Zooey at the time was aideing Trill civilians over from one planet to the next. Callen had already three older sibliings Eric, Jorden, and Kim. She lived on the planet Trill with her father Kelm who at the time was a diplomatic officer for his people. Most of her childhood Callen would be outside in then mines with her older brothers. At times they would get her into trouble and she would get punished for it. Occationally when her mother would take time off, Callen would spend time with her mother listening to all of her mother's grand stories.

As Callen got older her parents had another child, a son they called Joe. She would often be the one watching Joe and at the time Callen found it annoying. But one freight moment when Callen went off to play with her friends and not stay and watch her four year old brother. Joe decided to go swimming down by a creek close to there house. A hour later when Kelm came home about the same time Callen did. An hour looking for his son, found out he died drowing himself in the creek. At time Callen relives this moment and often times blames herself for his death.

As time passed and Callen got older Both of her older brother signed up for Star Fleet. Toward the end of Jorden's fourth year in cadet school, he died in a frieghter accident, when it was under attack by the Borg. Her other brother Eric granduated and worked his way up the ladder as Lt. Commander. As her brother's were going to school, Callen went to a private school to learn about machanics and machenery. She went there for six years of her life. When she graduated she enlisted into Star Fleet. She only when to two years learning of the regualations and tatics but soon after she joined her first ship the USS Zen. There she became an Damage specialist as a warrent officer for one year then was promoted to Staff Warrent.

After working on the Zen for two years, Callen jump about the USS Halestorm became a shuttlebay manger as a Senor Staff Warrent. Working from them for two years more, fighting against the Breen, Jem'Hadar, and Kinzi. Soon after Callen jumped ship to the USS Calypso and became the ships Master Chief Warrent officer. She hopes to serve them well.
Education 2377-2382 Went to school for Machery and Machanics
2382-2384 Went to Star Fleet Academy and graduated
Service Record 2384- 2386: Joined the USS Zen as Damage Control Speicalist/Warrent officer/ then promoted to Staff Warrent a year later

2386-2388: Joined the USS Halestorm as Suttlebay Manager/Senor Warrrent/ Then promoted a year later as Master Chief Warrent.

2388: Joined the USS Calypso as Shuttlebay manager and Quartermater/Chief Warrent.