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Lieutenant Commander Preston Wexler

Name Preston Maxwell Wexler

Position Mission Advisor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of Origin Luna
Age 44
Birth Date 4/30/2344

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 170
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Preston has very well defined features that appear to come from an aristocratic stock. His silver hair is pronounced because it doesn’t seem to fit his apparent age. Preston has made it a point to keep his physical appearance toned and fit as well as completely put together.


Spouse Lieutenant Kevin Benning-Wexler
Wedding Date 10/10/2383
Children None
Father Captain Victor Wexler (Retired)
Mother Janice Wexler
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Commander Victoria Wexler

Personality & Traits

General Overview Preston is generally very content with himself. His contentment allows Preston to accept people for exactly who they are without need to evaluate them beyond their actions. He is satisfied with his professional achievement and finds the honor of being a mission advisor to be very rewarding. Preston looks for every opportunity to be of benefit to others.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Calm
+ Compassionate
+ Considerate

- No Overt Sense of Urgency
Ambitions Preston would like to become a professor at Starfleet Academy when he is ready to leave field operations.
Hobbies & Interests Preston's work is his hobby. He loves to read and study other cultures and legal traditions.
Languages Federation Standard, Limited Klingon, Limited Bajoran, Limited Romulan

Personal History Since his earliest recollections, Preston had a deep abiding desire to travel and study other cultures. He was always with his nose in a book looking for some new interesting fact to share with others.

Preston spent many years in academic studies. He loved every moment his academic career and savored the life of a student. During his academic career he had the opportunity to study war-time relations between old foes, the Federation and the Romulan Empire. His intense study has become an obsession.

After leaving the academic life, Preston passed through officers school. Becoming an officer allowed Preston to spend the next nine years travelling from one Federation Embassy to the next, learning all he could about the local culture and aiding to bridge gaps between in understanding between the cultures.

During his posting on Cardassia, Preston met, courted, and legally bonded with Kevin Benning. Kevin was the only person who managed to pull Preston out of a book for more than an hour to enjoy the finer things in life such as having a real home-cooked meal or simply having a conversation that had no real academic value. The relationship between Preston and Kevin is sweet bordering on sappy with both treating each day as an opportunity to reaffirm their love and explore the meaning of a true partnership.

Over the years Preston has come to realize one overriding constant. No matter what race, no matter what social condition, no matter what background, one has the ability to grow beyond themselves into something greater.
Education 2362 - 2366: Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Anthropology, Stanford University
2366 - 2368: Master of Arts, Cultural Anthropology, Harvard University
2368 - 2373: Doctor of Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology, Oxford University
2373 - 2376: Juris Doctor, Yale University
2376 - 2377: Officer Training School, Starfleet Academy
Service Record 2377 - 2380: Ensign, Federation Embassy, Bajor
2380 - 2382: Lieutenant (jg), Federation Embassy, Kronos
2382 - 2384: Lieutenant, Federation Embassy, Cardassia
2384 - 2386: Lieutenant, Federation Embassy, Romulus
2386 - 2388: Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Science Division, Department of Anthropologic Sciences
2388 - Current: Lieutenant Commander, Mission Advisor, USS Calypso