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Lieutenant Commander Damion Wolfe

Name Damion Wolfe

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Betazoid and Half Human
Planet of Origin Born on the USS Enterprise-E
Age 34
Birth Date 12-4-2360

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 224 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Lightly Tanned
Physical Description He has shoulder length brown hair, which he usually puts in a ponytail during shifts, and lets it out off duty. He has black irises like most Betazoids. Damion has an average built figure which he likes to keep. He’s kept it like that since he began training in the art of Freerunning.
Accent American with a hint of French


Father Security Chief Lieutenant Commander Jordan Wolfe
Mother Ensign Aaliyah Constance Wolfe
Sister(s) Ensign Natalya Rose Wolfe

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface, Damion is a typically raised Starfleet son. He spends a lot of time training his mind and body to be a better fighter and stronger Betazoid. Damion always believes in risking it all, even fighting with all his heart and body to protect people he cares about, if necessary sacrificing himself for others.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has trained in various martial arts and weapons training. He can fight with anything from a knife to an assortment of human and alien weapons. His favorite is a pair of retractable sword's which he always brings with him on any hostel mission. He has typical Betazoid psionic abilities, such as telepathy, empathy, and sensing emotions. He can also us these abilities to help someone else shield their thoughts from other telepaths, although some races are a lot harder to keep out then others. He trained to fly various shuttles and star ships, but his espionage training is his most valuable asset. Learning how to move without being heard and or seen and combined with his training in the discipline of freerunning, which may not help him on a ship but on a planets surface, taught him how to move faster, respond quicker, and run farther so it takes him usually longer to get out of breath. He comes off as a bit cocky and also has a habit of getting into trouble when someone challenges him to some kind of contest. He also has a habit of gambling, mainly in card games. He also has a bit of a history of standing up for himself and others he is close to. He has even gone so far as breaking a few rules, both Starfleet and personal.
Ambitions He hopes to have a family and get his own Captains rank and ship.
Hobbies & Interests Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Weapons Of Combat, Cards, Music (Listening and Playing) Various Starships and Shuttles, Chocolate, Writing, and Women (Depending on Species)
Languages English, French, Latin, Vulcan, and Klingon

Personal History He was born in space on the USS Enterprise, so he knows allot about how starships work and how a Starfleet officer performs. He already knew he wanted to put on the uniform and make a difference. While transporting an injured Klingon to another ship, Damion became curious about him. He followed him around the ship and looked up what he could about his race. In the middle of following the Klingon, he was soon being caught and reprimanded. He didn’t much about Klingon’s yet and wanted to know more. So he continued, even after being told not to. Knowing Damion wouldn’t give up and admiring his courage at such a young age he gave up and began to tell him stories about Klingon hero’s and honor, which Damion soon became infatuated with. As a boy he believed in being a hero and having his own honor and stories to tell.

Since he learned all about starships and operations so young his Cadet years began pretty easy for him. His Betazoid abilities would kick in at a young age but he noticed he found it harder to concentrate and focus with them becoming stronger, which was odd since most half human Betazoid only have empathic abilities and small telepathic abilities. Damion's Betazoid genes were more dominant which allowed him more access to his psionic abilities. He also found that because these abilities were also more prominent, it made him more aggressive and often he would be violent. With the help of Starfleet and Betazoid doctors he could keep himself from lashing out dangerously with hypospray injections of a special chemical and a small cortical inhibitor specially designed to lower his violent outbursts. After a while of dealing with this "defect" he decided to use it as a strength and began to take a more military outlook. He began to train in combat and counter intelligence. Learning various forms or martial arts, weapons training, espionage, and flight training. This caught the attention of a few high ranking Starfleet Admirals and decided he would serve better in "Special" Ops Training, which was never fully described, but dealt allot with various counter-alien operations and infiltration.

He was placed on a Defiant-Class Starship designed with a cloaking device and several interesting features which aided in its defense and offense. The starship wasn’t registered under Starfleet and had no USS name of NCC code on its hull. It was designated the “Night Star” and captained by a man named Gregory Strife. Strife was a former Captain in Starfleet, removed from duty because of excessive force and conduct unbecoming an officer. Because he had such a well establish record Starfleet decided to appoint him leader of their special Interstellar Black Operations Task Force. The IBOTF consisted of a small federation crew and a few alien species part of Starfleet. The team consisted of a pair of Bynars, two Andorian siblings, a Nausicaan, a Caitian, and an Efrosian pilot. Each team member had their own unique talents with were essential to the teams success.

The team was responsible for several operations which helped bring more intelligence to Starfleet and also helped remove several key threats. They raided a Cardassian outpost said to be holding a new brand of weapon which would help them get back their dominant position in the quadrant. Damion and the team captures a prototype Romulan vessel said to have modified weapons, shields, and a prototype cloaking device that was said to have eliminated the production of tachyon emissions and the residual antiproton trace which originally allowed other races to detect them. Then captured several other operatives within other rival races that held key information about tactics, base locations, and technological improvements. One of the most important part of their team was the retrieval of officers behind enemy lines and prisoners of war. One mission they had involved the rescue of a Federation diplomat within Romulan space. On this mission the Andorian brother of Thy’lan and Damion’s closest friend was killed. His final words were to promise Damion to leave the task force and look for a life outside of all this chaos. He gave him his retractable sword, even though Damion already one and then died on the field. From there Damion requested his removal from the Night Star and his reactivation into Starfleet.
Service Record Starfleet Academy from 2378 to 2380
USS Titan from 2380 to 2384
Night Star from 2384 to 2386
USS Calypso 2387 to Current