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Lieutenant Desiana "Dezzy" Torel

Name Desiana "Dezzy" Torel

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Planet of Origin Betazed
Age 31
Birth Date November 30, 2356

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Dezzy is your average female Betazoid. Her black hair and black eyes accent her exotic skin tone. Depending on her mood her hair can be curly or straight although she won’t always pull it back when on duty. Her body is curvy in all the right places. Although hard to accent in uniform, her Betazoid garments do the job nicely.


Father Lestian Torel
Mother Deviona Torel
Brother(s) Malaki Torel – 28
Sister(s) Sariana Torel - 32

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dezzy is laid back and extremely flirtatious. She is intelligent although she will never claim to be above average. She excels at problem solving although she can have issues focusing. When around others it is easy for her to get distracted and run on auto pilot. She is very gregarious and loves having conversations with non telepathic races. She has an ear for languages. She is able to pick up languages that she is exposed to for a long enough time span.

Dezzy finds the act of deception amusing and will sometime violate Betazed lad and enter the mind of someone she believe is lying without their permission. She is a very strong empathy and has been trained as such. She had easily mastered the ability to block the emotions of those around her as well as project her emotions on to other, but rarely effects to do so.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+Strong empathic and telepathic abilities
+Quick on her feet
+Extremely loyal to her CO and Star Fleet
+Has a desire to impress those she serves under
+Exceptional Linguistic skills.

-Flirtatious, sometime when inappropriate
-relies on Betazoid traits when dealing with other races
Ambitions Dezzy joined Star Fleet to broaden her horizons. She wants to experience everything life has to offer. She wants to meet as many alien races as she can by the time she retires from Star Fleet

On a personal level she would like to someday have a family. She hopes to expose her children, if she has any, to the experiences of space
Hobbies & Interests Dezzy is an avid painter. She loves being able to express the depths of her emotions though painting and art.

She loves reading poetry. She enjoys different techniques and alliterations from many different cultures.

Dezzy Enjoys learning the mating and courting rituals of different cultures.
Languages Standard, Bajoren, Vulcan, Klingon, Trill, Tellurite, Andorian

Personal History Desiana was born in 2356. She is the second of three children. Her oldest sister was the prodigy if her family, leaving for college and graduate school on Earth at the early age of 16. Where most would have wilted in the shadow of her siblings, Dezzy thrives. She was able to set her own expectations and develop her own interests.

Where her brother and sister were expected to follow a predestined path, Dezzy was able to cultivate her fascination for other races and cultures. From their art to literature to mating rituals. This desire to meet other cultures motivated her to enlist in Star Fleet. Although her scores were high enough to warrant her access to the Academy, in unwillingness to wait 4 years was the determining factor..

Originally Dezzy intended to go into the medical field but found the entrance exam too challenging to secure the position she wanted. Not feeling defeated since not everyone can be good at everything; she tried for other positions, finding her home in Linguistics. She was soon starting on her eighteen month stint in basic training and AIT.

Dezzy used her time after her training. to spend as much time around other races as she could. She quickly picked up working knowledge of the multiple languages which came in handy when transferring post.

Dezzy was assigned as a Lingustic officer on board the USS Strasberg. Being on board the Miranda Class vessel wasn’t as exciting as she has hoped. With no change in command or structure of her department her first promotion didn’t come until the approval of her transfer request to the USS Colton.

Within two months at her new post on the USS Colton Dezzy caught the attention of the Executive Office. Her took her under his wind and began grooming her to one day take over as the department head for the Science department.

In 2385, their rumored relationship was brought under the microscope when the CO was altered to the possibility of favoritism between the XO and Dezzy. Although both sides denied and such relationship existed, Dezzy’s flirtatious nature did little to cool the flames of suspicion. After a six month battle it was determined neither party was guilty of any inappropriate actions.

To protect her friend’s secret and career Dezzy put in for a transfer for the first department head position that came available to her. She was transferred to the USS Crimson.

Her time on the USS Crimson gave her time to focus on her position. She worked diligently and was quickly chosen as the Assistance Science Officer. Her newly found ambition urged her to apply for a department head position. She was transferred to the USS Calypso with her chosen position, ready to begin her new posting.
Service Record 2374 – 2375 – Star Fleet Basic Training and AIT
2375 – 2380 – USS Strasberg – Linguistic Officer
2380 – 2384 – USS Colton – Linguistic Officer
2384 – 2387 – USS Crimson – Assistant Science Chief.
2388 – Present – USS Calypso – Chief Science Officer