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Lieutenant Jourdan Abbott

Name Jourdan Abbott

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 29
Birth Date 24th May 2360

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Physical Description Jourdan stands 5'9" and has a slim build. She has long brown hair that trails down her back to just below her shoulders. Her Hazel eyes twinkle in the light and she likes to dress smartly and look clean and presentable. She can always be seen with a smile on her face when on duty and she always keeps her hair straight and natural.
Accent Yorkshire English


Father Thomas Abbott
Mother Abigail Abbott
Sister(s) Megan Abbott

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jourdan is a kind and caring person. On duty she is determined and likes to be formal and always redy for action. She believed that if you treat people nicely they will respect you more so she holds a great deal of respect for many of her staff and only asks them to respect her back. She also can be strict sometimes if things aren't getting done, and she can sometimes over work herself which she has been in trouble for before now.

Off Duty Jourdan is a very socialable person, she loves to hang around in the mess hall while doing reports for the captain and she likes to play cards with friends. She also likes a challenge so she enjoys playing Kaltoe against a Vulcan which she has discovered is a good brain workout. She also lieks to book some Holodeck time, and her favourite programs are swimming in different seas and pools, horse riding in different areas and parrisses squares which she was once a champion at Starfleet Academy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jourdan has many strengths and many weaknesses. Her main strengths include her vast knowledge of starship engineering and operation. She is also a quick worker and quick thinker which allows her to work under pressure and in difficult situations.

Her main weakness's is that she is afraid of heights. She discovered this when she was younger and climbed a tree accidently got stuck and had to be rescues by her older brother. Jourdan also has a weakness of panicking when something goes wrong that shouldn't be, she has learnt to overcome this when someone is in danger but it still stays deep down inside her.
Ambitions Jourdan joined Starfleet woth a few ambitions, she didn't want to command a ship of her own like everyone else. She wanted to get stuck in with the technology and keep the ship running and develop new technology one day. She doesn't see herself as a command figure so her main ambition is to do her job and keep her ship running.
Hobbies & Interests Jourdan's main hobbies are to play cards with her friends and colleages in the mess hall which she enjoys especially on late nights. Also she loves to do holodeck programs which involve Swimming, Horse Riding and Parrises Squares. Another hobby Jourdan is is writing, she has a small library of her own literature which she keeps in written form on a shelf in her quarters. Her stories vary from old style earth genres to klingon love stories.

Jourdan has an interest in Engineering and Starship Operations like most over Operations Officers. She loves to get stuck in with the technology and sometimes can be found taing things apart at her desk and then modifying them to do different things, so she does little experiments which have often got her into trouble.
Languages Federation Basic, English

Personal History Jourdan was born in the small town of Rothwell on the outskirts of the british city of Leeds to Thomas and Abigail Abbott. She was the oldest of two children living in the household, her sister was five years three then her. Jourdan lived the ordinary life at home will she was old enough to go to school.

At school Jourdan became fascinated with the technology and wanted to learn more about it. She would read complicated books when she was seven or eight guessing what some of the words meant. Her mother and father who had no Starfleet Background were impressed and tried to help her with the technical language.

At the age of eight years old Jourdan climbed a tree in the local park and got stuck unable to get down. Jourdan was stuck in the tree for three hours crying until her father found her and managed to help her down. This was the day that Jourdan discovered she was afraid of heights and falling.

Jourdan wasn't a straight A student like most future Starfleet officers but she was intelligent, she hated taking exams as she found them difficult and thought they were a waste of time and she much prefered practical exercises. She did graduate primary education with a special award in science and technology which she had taken a big interest in.

Skipping off to High School with the grades tucked under her belt she soon found that the work was a lot harder. Jourdan was subjected to bullying from jealous students who weren't as intelligent as her. She was pushed around for five years whic made hr grades slip a little. However when she got a good spread of results in her secondary education, (Straight B's and A's) she decided that she might be good enough to go into Starfleet, the first one in her family to go into space. She saw this as an adventure and set her eyes on becoming a operations officer.

Her first entry was refused and she had to wait an entire year before reapplying. Luckily she was accepted the second time and she packed her bags at the age of seventeen and bid goodbye to her parents before heading off to San Francisco to start her Starfleet Training. She signed up for the Starship Operations course at Starfleet Academy.

She enjoyed Operations course and after a visit with the class to the San Francisco Fleet Yards she had an idea that she wanted to be starship builder or designer. However after months of hard work she changed her mind to becoming an Operations offcer. After four years at the academy and the age of twenty one she graduated in the top twenty per cent of the class and majors in Operations and Technology.

Awaiting assignment wasn't long for Jourdan and was soon scooped up by the USS Pudsey a newly built Nebula Class. At the rank of Ensign she was a junior ops officer. She liked her first assignment as it took her to new worlds and new civilizations, also she was going where none of her family had been before which made her feel special.

The USS Pudsey was a good start for Jourdan and she spent five years on the ship, until she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was reassigned to the USS Liverpool as the Assistant Chief Ops officer on the Sovereign Class ship. The USS Liverpool was one of the ships that had a unique history fighting in the dominion war and her captain became a good friend.

Captain Pollard knew Jourdans father back on Earth from school and he had a soft spot for Jourdan. It soon became apparent that the captain of the Liverpool was actually jealous of Jourdans father as they both fought over Jourdan mother back in high school, so he went out of his way to make sure that Jourdan was safe and ok in battle. Feeling she was being protected and always had someone looking over her shoulder Jourdan packed her bags once more and requested a new assignment.

Jourdan was told there was a Chief Engineer spot open on the USS Calypso and even though she was in the Operations Department she could easily transfer over to the Engineering Department. Accepting this Jourdan decided to give Engineering a try, she afterall had spent long amounts of time in Engineering previous.
Education Primary Compulsory Education
Secondary Compulsory Education
Starfleet Academy Operations Course
Service Record 2374 - 2378 Starfleet Academy

2378 - 2383 USS Pudsey Ops Officer

2383 - 2388 USS Liverpool Assistant Chief Ops Officer

2388 - ???? USS Calypso Chief Engineering Officer