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Janine Donovan

Name Janine Donovan PsyD, MD

Position Security Investigations Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 31
Birth Date July 5th, 2357
Location of Quarters Deck 18
Player (for PNPCs) Tramira Kyt

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 135 Lbs
Hair Color Brownish Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description The rather slight, and slim woman has spent much time physically recovering from an explosion, a year and a half prior to her assignment to the USS Calypso. Her facial features are now fully recovered, though she still isn't fond of looking herself in the mirror. Her hair, once kept in fancy styles, as shown in her Crew Manifest entry, is now much shorter, and kept in a simple, easy to maintain braid.
Accent Western North American


Spouse Doctor Harold Donovan(Divorced, USS Relentless, Chief Counselor)
Wedding Date January 3rd, 2381
Children Jimmy Donovan(Deceased)
Father Johnathon Whitsel(Deceased)
Mother Patricia Whitsel(Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Janine was once friendly, and very career driven, she has recently replaced friendly with morbid. The recent death of her son, and the divorce of her husband have left her somewhat darkly humored. She tends to be careful, methodical, and quite tiresome to keep up with. She will work for three, to four days at a time, before exhausting herself, at which point she promptly sleeps 19 hours, and eats a 9 course meal.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Extremely cautious, and methodical
+Well versed in most humanoid biological patterns, and psychiatric patterns.

-Not combat capable, though she has appropriate training.
-Frequently annoyed by people encroaching on her investigations
Hobbies & Interests Janine has always been fond of reading, and studying of human, and humanoid behaviors. She rarely spends much of her spare time doing anything non-work related. When she does, it is always activities that she can study other humans, and their behavior. Group holonovels. Poker games. Chess. And when it comes to the later two, she rarely loses, against even veteran opponents.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Born in 2357, Janine spent much of her childhood being taunted, and harassed, because she was the girl who was too busy reading, writing, and doing arithmetic to care about making friends.

This tendency put her into many higher grade learning classes, which later resulted in people trying to make friends with her, because she was smart.

Graduating High School, and attending John Hopkins University on a scholarship, Starfleet was not on her priority list. She graduated John Hopkins with a Doctorate in both Xeno Biology and Psychiatry.

It wasn't until a year later, she decided to join Starfleet, strictly because the Dominion war scared her.

There, she met her soon-to-be-husband, as a fellow SCIS team member.

They had a child, who died, in 2386, causing them both to take a psychological leave, which included a divorce.

Upon ending her year long leave, she simply picked up where she left off, unlike her husband, who went into Starship Counseling, and grabbed the next case file.

It read: Transfer; USS Calypso, SCIS Team Member, under Agent Afloat Ensign Daniel Daniels.
Education John Hopkins University
Doctorate Degrees
Criminal Psychiatry

Starfleet Academy
Crime Scene Analysis, and associated CSI prerequisite courses
Service Record Federation Marshall Services, SCIS Dispatch:

2381-2383: USS Atkinson, SCIS Criminal Pathologist(FMS Field Marshall)

2383-2386: USS Arizona, SCIS Criminal Pathologist(FMS Field Marshall)

2386-2387: Undisclosed Psychiatric Leave

2387-Current: USS Calypso, SCIS Criminal Pathologist(FMS Field Marshall)