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Lieutenant Hamish MacGregor

Name Hamish Eberhard MacGregor

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of Origin New Gowrie
Age 35
Birth Date 13 Jan 2354
Location of Quarters Deck 9

Physical Appearance

Height 180 cm
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color brown with a shimmer of red
Eye Color deep brown
Skin Color pale
Physical Description Hamish is a toned and physically fit individual, not to the point of extremity, but to the point of being able to spend a couple of hours climbing through maintenance shafts, caves or what have you if need be. He generally has a faint smile crossing his face, making him appear a very open and friendly person.

In terms of his "style" (although he despises that word as vain) it differs, of course, depending on whether he is on duty or not.

On duty, Hamish tends to wear his hair in a very orderly fashion, combed to the back with a side parting and fixed using gel, a style somewhat reminiscent of the 1950s. His uniform tends to be flawless and his shoes polished, leaving nothing to be desired.

Off duty, on informal occasions, he does nothing fancy with his hair, just combing it straight out on all sides, as it is very short to begin with. He tends to wear plain (not patterned) shirts and simple trousers or shorts, since he is all but keen to seem too flashy or extravagant.

On formal off-duty occasions, Hamish will wear an ordinary suit, although he will usually insist on wearing a cumberbund, a bowtie and a fez, all of which he makes out to be "cool", often to the amusing chagrin of those accompanying him.
Accent Scottish with German undertones


Spouse ENS Jeanette MacGregor, 32, Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Calypso
Wedding Date 7 Apr 2380
Children Leanne Gertrud MacGregor, 9
Father Donald MacGregor, 61, Chef
Mother Gertrud Rheinsberger, b. 2330, d. 2364, Architect
Brother(s) LTCMDR Wolfgang Ian MacGregor, 37, Executive Officer, USS Guardian
Other Family Mother-in-law: Vanessa Beauregard (née Simmons), 55, Antiques Saleswoman, Deep Space 3

Father-in-law: Jean-Claude Beauregard, 58, News Correspondent, Deep Space 3

Pet: Moomin, cat, 3 years old

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hamish is first and foremost a very optimistic individual. Since the early death of his mother when he was 11, he has realised the importance of having a positive attitude towards and outlook on life, and always being active. He is somewhat of a "yes man", tending to agree to do things even if he does not anticipate he will enjoy them, but it does seem to be working for him. Being the hopeful person he is, he often inspires hope in others and is thus a great source of reassurance for his crewmen and fellow officers alike.

Although he is a lively person, Hamish rarely steers a conversation, but is a great listener, which has helped him in various ways both on a personal and professional level. That is not to say that he does not talk on his own initiative, but when he does, he makes sure his contribution is wanted, and he never burdens others with his personal troubles, making him somewhat of a nuisance for most counselors.

Hamish is also a very well-rounded person, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills in all fields that he finds interesting. He finds some things more difficult than others, but once he starts something, he goes through with it, even if it gets tedious or takes a long time.

In terms of his family, Hamish loves to spend time with his wife and daughter. Whenever he is allocated some holodeck time, he takes them with him, mostly for trips into the countryside much like the ones he went on with his parents when he was a child.

Hamish also remains a member of the Association of Presbyterian Servicemen of Starfleet. Like most Presbyterians in Starfleet however, he is very moderate in his beliefs.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
+ Extremely fast learner of languages
+ Good listener, polite, normally doesn't annoy anyone else
+ Constantly goes beyond what he needs to do for duty
+ Able to balance family and duty really well
+ Makes friends easily and tends to keep them and remain loyal to them

- Doesn't appreciate music as much as most other people.
- Has very specific tastes of clothing, art, music and decoration
- Often acts rashly, spontaneously or on a whim
- Sometimes sacrifices regulation for efficiency, which has gotten him into some trouble before.
- Finds it difficult to respect other people's opinions if they differ from his
Ambitions Both Hamish himself and his family love the life aboard a starship, his daughter (having lived on starships all her life) most of all. As such, Hamish intends to remain serving on starships, hoping to climb the rank ladder. He dreams of commanding his own vessel, and perhaps becoming a flag officer some day, considering his love of strategy.

Much more important to him than his career, though, is his family. Hamish is a proud father, and aims to be a role model for his daughter in whatever he does.
Hobbies & Interests Hamish describes himself modestly as "somewhat of an amateur linguist". In fact, he is very good at learning languages, and regularly does so, although he tends to forget them over time. At the moment, he is working on a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Anthropology, and plans, afterwards, to do another undergraduate distance learning degree - probably History and Philosophy.

Apart from this relatively academic hobby of sorts, Hamish does half an hour of Tai Chi every morning to stay in shape, and will often join in crew exercise groups of various sorts. He will generally try and partake in the pastimes of his fellow crewmembers in order to "broaden his horizons" and experience new things, as mentioned earlier.

In the evening, Hamish can normally be found on the holodeck or arboretum with his family, enjoying a good book, or having a drink with his friends. He is also dedicated to cooking for his family whenever possible - a skill taught to him by his father - and will sometimes invite people over for a good, home-cooked meal.
Languages Native: German, Federation Standard, Ripuarian, Scots
Advanced: Vulcan, Klingon, Spanish, French
Intermediate: Romulan, Cardassian, Russian
Basic: Bajoran, Andorian, Ferengi

Personal History Originally, Hamish was born in New Potsdam on New Brandenburg colony, but his parents moved to New Scone, New Gowrie only a few weeks after his birth, taking him and his two-year-old brother with them to the restaurant his father had just acquired. The move was motivated not only by his father's purchase of the restaurant, but also by the availability of a Presbyterian school which gave Hamish and his brother a solid founding in theology, as their father, Donald, had hoped. Donald wasn't particularly pious, but the Presbyterian faith was a family tradition Donald sought to continue in his children. Both children accept the Presbyterian theology to this day, though neither of them practise it very actively, nor could they be described as "religious" people.

Due to his parents diverse background, Hamish grew up with four languages to start. Both spoke Federation Standard, but Donald contributed Scots, an obscure and near-extinct Earth language still spoken and taught from generation to generation within the MacGregor family. Gertrud contributed German - a not-so-obscure Earth language still in use around Earth and colonies founded by Germans such as New Brandenburg - and Ripuarian, a dialect comparable to Scots in scale and obscurity that, similarly, was being passed down through the family. Incidentally, Hamish became immensely interested in languages and selected both French and Spanish at school when he had the choice, then enlisting in extracurricular courses in Vulcan and Klingon at the New Scone Community Centre as well.

At age 11, his mother died, which was a tragic event for the young Hamish. Not wanting to confront this, he buried himself in his studies and shut out other people from his life. It took about a year for him to return to a somewhat "normal" state, but he still rigorously avoided and ignored the issue of his mother's untimely demise, repressing it to this day. However, there was one, ironic advantage this gave Hamish: His academic commitment permitted him to skip a class and graduate early, merely a year after his brother.

In spite of his academic success, Hamish was completely uncertain as to what he wanted to do. While he enjoyed cooking with his father, he did not want to do it as a job, and while he was fond of academia, he was sure that he wanted to do something more practical, more "directly contributive" as he put it. He decided to go to Earth in order to study General Science & Engineering at Glasgow University, all the while contemplating what he was going to do in terms of his career. It just so happened that he stumbled upon a Starfleet recruitment office there in Glasgow, and that was when he realised what he wanted to do. After completing his study, he visited Starfleet Academy. He was offered to take the shorter Officer Candidacy path, since he already had a solid academic grounding, but opted instead to do the full Academy course and focus on other things he hadn't done, like navigation and combat training, eventually earning him both an Advanced Piloting Qualification for ordinary vessels and the qualification to pilot fighter vessels.

During his last year at the academy, he met his wife-to-be Jeanette. Due to his familiarity with both Science and Engineering, his navigational abilities and his fairly adequate combat training, Hamish was advised to - and did - join the Operations Department. By pure coincidence, Jeanette and him were assigned to the same vessel, the USS Gallant under the command of Captain James Hoover, on which they would get married by Captain Hoover a mere year later. In the same year, the two of them had their daughter Leanne.

After serving on the Gallant for a total of 6 years, Hamish and Jeanette were both transferred to the USS Starseeker, where in 2387 was promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Operations Officer and in 2388 was promoted in rank to a full Lieutenant. In 2389, the Starseeker was being decommissioned. Hamish was given two choices: Executive Officer at Sensory Outpost Zeta-23, or Operations Officer on the USS Calypso. However, Sensory Outpost Zeta-23 did not have a post open for Jeanette to fill, nor did it provide schooling facilities for Leanne. Considering the Calypso very much did have a position open for Jeanette, and also provided plenty of facilities for a pleasant growing-up of Leanne, the choice was an obvious one, and so to the Calypso they transferred.
Education - BSc (Hons) in General Science & Engineering, University of Glasgow, Earth
- Federation Computing License Certificate (Advanced Degree)
- Advanced Piloting Qualification, Starfleet Academy
- Combat Navigation Qualification, Starfleet Academy
Service Record 2354: Born
2357-2371: New Scone Presbyterian School
2371-2375: University of Glasgow
2375-2379: Starfleet Academy
2379-2383: Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Gallant
2383-2385: Lt. JG, Operations Officer, USS Gallant
2385-2387: Lt. JG, Operations Officer, USS Starseeker
2387-2388: Lt. JG, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Starseeker
2388-2389: Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Operations Officer, USS Starseeker
2389-present: Lieutenant, Chief Operations Officer, USS Calypso