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Lieutenant Typhon Crew

Name Typhon Crew

Position Mission-Specific Characters

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Mixed
Planet of Origin Many
Age Depends
Birth Date Yep. They were born.
Location of Quarters Currently, crashed on Tiberius IV.
Player (for PNPCs) Austin, Ieuan and Matt

Physical Appearance

Height About there
Weight Enough
Hair Color Depends on the lighting
Eye Color Same as hair
Skin Color Tan, unless it's fair
Physical Description Varies from character to character.
These are the Typhon crew participating in the Tiberius IV part of the mission: The Enemy Within.
Accent Only when they speak


Spouse none
Wedding Date none
Children none
Father none
Mother none
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to get off Tiberious IV alive. IF they choose not to accept it, well, then we'll bury their corpses.
Strengths & Weaknesses They are strong, except where they are weak.
Ambitions To survive this mission.
Hobbies & Interests Staying alive, staying alive.
Languages Only when angry.

Personal History They were each born, but to different parents.
Each managed, somehow to make it into Starfleet or the Starfleet Marines.
All were assigned to Starbase Typhon. As part of their duties, they were sent to Tiberius V to stop a rebellion that was quickly turning violent.
However, en route, the USS Columbia overshot the planet and crashed on Tiberius IV.
This was due to sabotage. We don't know what happened as yet.
ALl we know is that the crew is dead, in the caves or Borged.

The rest is yet to be determined.

Want to see their real bios? Go to Starbase Typhon.
Education These here guys is edumacated. Yup.
Service Record Check Typhon.