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Warrant Officer Sterling Kamala

Name Sterling Xavier Kamala IV

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kriosian
Planet of Origin Krios Prime
Age 23
Birth Date 08/20/2367

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 180
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color caucasian
Physical Description Sterling has dark brown hair that is usually worn a bit on the longish side but can be a crew cut and he has eyes the color of forest pond. He has spots on either side of his face and then from the right side of his neck crossing over to the left side and down his back to just below his heart. He is often mistaken for a Trill.

He has a wiry build with muscles built more from gymnastics and swimming than lifting weights. He is attractive enough to have been hit on by both sexes. enhanced by his being an empathic metamorph
Accent None


Spouse N/A
Wedding Date N/A
Children N/A
Father Sterling III
Mother Briaan
Brother(s) Gideon 21
Jamie 19
Sister(s) Sarrah 19
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sterling is still coming to grips with and trying to control his gift/curse of being an empahtic metamorph. He has done a good job of not letting interfere with his professional duties, but it is sometimes difficult. His personal life is a bit more troubling, but he is managing.

His parents had a mate pre-selected for him, but he was in love with another woman. This did not set well with them and he is currently estranged from them with only his younger sister Sarrah speaking to him.

He also has two other strikes against him in their eyes. First he abandoned the family business shuttles and runabouts and went into detective work and second he joined Star Fleet and not as an officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Logical thinker
+ Thinks outside the containment field
+ Fast talker
+ Strong sense of justice
- Speaks his mind
- Flies by the seat of his pants
- Doesn't suffer fools gladly
- Dealing with being an empathic metamorph
Ambitions He would like to find a wife and settle down and raise a family, he desires to serve the Federation to the best of his ability and he upon retirement he would like to own his own security firm
Hobbies & Interests He loves to cook. He likes outdoor activities, billiards, poker, holographic novels, rock climbing, free running and any games of strategy
Languages Federation Standard, Kriosian, Latin, Vulcan, Romulan

Personal History Sterling as born on August 20, 2366 on Kiros Prime. His family were nobles and direct descendants of the First Monarch. He was supposed to go into the family business, but he had no desire to do so. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do but it was not design and market shuttlecraft and runabouts. He had even less desire to marry the girl his parents had arranged for him to wed and fell in love with another

Instead he was in love with a fair damsel named Irene. They had plans to elope but before they could do that she died mysteriously at 16. Finding her killer, which he still hasn't done, and bringing them to justice, is what spurred him to seeking to go into the investigative field.

He fled Kiros Prime to escape a wedding that neither party wanted. For that reason, he was essentially disowned by his family and is on his own. His signing up to join Star Fleet only served to make matters worse.

He has yet to go through Finiss'ral and is still a virgin.

He came to earth and spent two years at an Orthodox Monastery in what as once the New England ares of Earth. When he was 18 he attended Syracuse University where he earned a bachelor's degree in forensic science. He went on attend George Washington University where he earned a degree in crime scene investigation. Shortly thereafter he was recruited to Star Fleet
Education Syracuse University
George Washington University MA Crime Scene Investigation
Service Record July 2388-December 2389 Basic and advanced training for non-commissioned officers at Star Fleet Academy