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Commander Hans Munich

Name Hans Edward Munich

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth, Buenous Ares
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 192 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color caucasion
Physical Description Munich is a good german stock, his Blonde hair and Blue eyes are very soght after and his physique is better than average. He is more looking like a 'pretty boy in his face and the rough and tumble physue. His skin is often tanned from long hours in the sun doing what he enjoys.

He wears a clean pessed uniform and his boots are always shined., he would look more like a military type but did notfollow that route. Off duty he wears casual clothing that does not flash his physique, but he is comfortable in them and they mahority of cottons are free flowing on him.
Accent German


Spouse N/A
Father Gustoff
Mother Kara

Personality & Traits

General Overview Munich is a team player and very aware of the needs of those around him. He feels a need to support the Federation yet there are things he did during the war that he will not talk of due to being classified. He tends to be outgoing and very open on the surface. He has a dark side that he keeps hidden. He once said 'war is hell' during a session and explained how he had to do 'radical and morally objectionable' actions to keep the Resolute supplied.
Strengths & Weaknesses + KNows COmmunications systems inside and out
+ Creative thinker
+ team builder
+ cares about the crew like Family
+ Family builds Sub-Space relays, he has Engineering degree in thos systems
+ Good ear both professionally and privately

- Family has shady past
- Has tendency to curse in German when emotional
- Raised tradional German with emphasis on Militant
- Is impulsive when trying to solve things
- Charming personality sometimes
- is a scavenger
Ambitions To create a communications vessel that could be a mobile relay in areas where needed during emgencies
Hobbies & Interests Cooking
Martial Art style 'Capoera.
Motorcycle endurance Riding
Creating communicators in other forms.
watching sunsets on various setting, perferrable with attractive woman.
Languages German
Federation Standard
Cardassian... learning

Personal History The Munich family traces their roots back to the Second World War when one of his ancestors fled Germany near the end of the war; they were suspected in a plot to assassinate Hitler. The accusations were false but the family fled.

Remaining in The Southern Hemisphere for generations the family settled into a mixed culture with German heritage and Spanish influence. It is through these influences that Hans' mother was from a fine Family of means and his father became known as a Industrialist.

Hans followed in his father business growing up and learned the Logistical end of shipping and requesting. He was apt with a computer but when his Father's Company began Producing Sub-Space arrays Hans dove full bore into the entire concept of Communications and electronics. He learned how Communications worked as well as some theories.

When young he went to deploy a sub-space Array and fell in love with the stars. To communicate across the stars was a fascination but to go where he communicated was a passion.

Since his family had means he was always a physical person; he started to follow 'endurance' fitness with vigor. He pushed himself and learned to swim and climb and all sorts of gymnastics and repelling. Growing up near the Amazon Basin was exciting and helped Hans to become fit. His mother claimed Aztec heritage and took him to the temples as she was an archeologist. He became a type of Liguist with ancient languages .

Upon reaching the age he Joined Star Fleet. His background placed him in Operations with Strong Communications and emphasis on language linguist. He studied and graduated in top 2% of his class. The Dominion war broke out soon after and he was a Communications Specialist in a forward unit maintaining the Sub-Space network on a Defiant class ship.

When battle lines shifted The USS Resolute was caught behind enemy lines for several nearly a year. Using the cloaking device it maintained and communication network with Federation forces. Hans had the idea to 'Piggy-back' some of the communications from the Dominion Network. Several operations were used with Commando style tactics to arrange use of Dominion resources by Federation Communications. His skills as a Scrounger came into great use to keep the resolute stocked and operations by Stealing, trading or any way possible getting needed supplies.

Six months he maintained this network until his ship could get back to Federation lines. After the war he was based on the boarders repairing and maintaining the Communications network. He earned several Commendations for Bravery under fire after his actions in Dominion war. He is very quiet about his actions.

He bounced arpound the fleet quietly as a 'Trouble shooter for Communications, he took some Operation Duty slots in conjunction to build his knowledge and keep the 'lines of communications' open. It became his code to live by 'Keep communications open' both professionally and privately.

He accepted the Communication Chief as it was among the few offered in a specific position in the fleet on the Calypso.
Education Archology SItes
Munich Communications Division
Engineering degree Comunications systems
Federations Linguist school
Service Record Resolute: Communications
Ta'Poc Communications liaison
USS Topeka Communications/ OPS officer
USS Farragaut: Communications / deputy OPS chief
USS Calypso: Communications Chief.