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Commander John Sheridan

Name John Sheridan

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 240 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Large and athletic, soft eye's and large hands. Good Tan. John has the highest fast twitch reflexes ever recorded in Flight school. Motor response in the 90th percentile. He is very fast.


Spouse None, Widowed
Children Max Sheridan, Six yr old Male
Father Leigh Sheridan
Mother Unkown
Brother(s) NONE
Sister(s) 4 Step Sisters
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sheridan it respected by all that meet him, a very skilled Command Pilot and very easy to talk too. He expects orders to be obeyed without hesitation and Firm in his discipline. With John it's all about his ship and his Son Max. He enjoys good friends in the Fleet and not afraid of hard work.
Strengths & Weaknesses His ability to lead and inspire others to commit with him on any mission. He is close to his crew but demands loyalty to the ship they serve.

He has been known to take any Air Craft to the absolute limit. He will continually push his own Mortality in Flight.

Ambitions To attain a Command vessel and raise his Son Max
Hobbies & Interests Right now it's schoolwork with his son, he works out for twenty minutes a day before he makes rounds of the ship and can be found in the gym right after school starts.
Languages John speaks Federation standard, Russian and Fighter pilot

Personal History John Louis Sheridan was born in Rome on Earth. His father, Ambassador Leigh Sheridan was involved in several scandals during his appointment. It is known that John was the direct result of one of these scandals. John was raised in his fathers house until he entered Frunze Military Academy at the age of Thirteen. John never met his Mother. He learned Military discipline early and adapted well to the new environment, he was respected by his superior Officers and peers alike. John excelled in organizational and strategic planning during his years in Moscow.

Always keeping in touch with his Father who had retired from Federation service. John continued to excel in his studies and accepted his notification to Starfleet Academy at Seventeen. He turned out to become a solid Cadet with high marks and several pips including senior Cadet. After graduation John entered Flight school with a follow on assignment to Star base Protector as a broadsword pilot. John had several combat engagements and has a total of seven Space Combat victories in the RNZ.

He was promoted to XO of the Fighter wing. His experience took him back to Earth were he was assigned Fleet Plans and Programs Division developing training and dispersal of Starfleet combat personnel. After a very successful year John was granted a Two year leave of absence to attend the Tokyo Management conference course of study, while in Japan he Married Ensign Deloris Delgado a Star Fleet Intelligence Officer. One year later Ensign Sheridan Died while giving birth to their Son, Carlos Maxwell Sheridan. John returned to the Fleet after the Death of his wife and Lil Max joined his Father in New Washington.

John resumed his flying status and began training new pilots in aggressive attack movements. After several small assignments as Assistant to Diplomatic Affairs we and Max are well traveled and have received orders To the USS Orion.
Service Record -Assigned USS Orion, Executive Officer
-Awarded Command Pilot Status. Fighter Air Craft
-Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned Chief Instructor Pilot
-Assigned 10th Bomb Wing, New Washington, Instructor Pilot
-Receives Commission as Lieutenant Junior Grade
-Returns to Fleet after 5 year absence
-Graduates Tokyo University with Masters degree in Strategic Planing and Development
-Assigned University of Tokyo, granted LOA deferment from Service. Placed on SF reserve rolls.
-Promoted Lieutenant-Commander
-Assigned Fleet Plans and Programs, San Fransisco
-Assigned Executive Officer 9th Fighter Squadron
-Promoted Lieutenant
-Air Combat victories, 5 Romulan Scorpions destroyed in Ten sorties patrolling RNZ.
-Promoted to lieutenant Junior Grade
-Air Combat Victory on Reman Scorpion Fighter in the RNZ
-Air Combat victory on Reman Scorpion Fighter in the RNZ
-Assigned Starbase Protector, 9th fighter Squadron
-Promoted Ensign
-Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Pilot Rated to Fly Broadsword Air Craft.
-Entered Star fleet Academy, Age 17
-Entered Frunze Military Academy, Age 13, Moscow USSR