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Ensign Kela Sirel

Name Kela Sirel

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 27
Player (for PNPCs) Wolfe

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description She has long red hair and brown eyes. Her spots go from her forehead all the way down to her lower back. Kela has no problem with getting dirty, but one of her Joined personalities can't stand it.
Accent Varies


Father Tolin Merrick
Mother Kareel Merrick
Brother(s) Jared (41), Colin (35), Roland (30), Jarrick (27, Fraternal Twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kela is an over achiever and often finds herself doing incredible tasks just to say she can, but often falling short of her goals. She is always trying to work above and beyond, an attitude she developed from growing up the only, and youngest, girl of five children, but she never lets it stop her. Because of this upbringing she learned to fight and stand up for herself. This is the first time serving with a Trill Symbiont and with her condition.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kela has a strong understand of a ship's tactics and combat. She also went on to take, and complete, the advanced security and tactical training. She reached top of her class in investigations and often finds herself engulfed and lured to a good one. She is the first in her family to go to Starfleet, and she plans on making her parents proud. She takes great pride in how she looks, but that’s only because of one of her symbiont’s former hosts, so she tries to stay fit and beautiful. She isn't afraid to say what’s on her mind, the only promise is what’s on her mind isn't what she was thinking. Due to her condition, some of her symbiont’s past hosts tend to resurface in times where she is scared, nervous, and often angry. Kela has been trying to control it, and often does, but just when she thinks she has it, they sneak up on her.
Ambitions To have her own command and be finally in control of the symbiont.
Hobbies & Interests Music, Trill Piano, Writing, Holodeck mysteries, Dancing, Animals, staying healthy, combat, languages, weapons, 20th century vehicles and weapons, cards, magic tricks, and reading.
Languages Various

Personal History Kela is the last child born in the Merrick household, one of the high class families on Trill. She is the only girl of 5 children. Being raised with four older brothers, one of which being her fraternal twin, she found herself always feeling like she had to compete with them. At a young age, her brother Jared, a world renowned competitive fighter, taught her kickboxing. At a young age, she was always treated like one of the boys, and so she developed almost a “tomboy-ish” attitude. Never being afraid to stand up for herself. Never letting any of her brothers fight her battles. Never being afraid to speak her mind. Although, she isn’t afraid to be caught in a dress and gussy up, Kela still feels she is someone to always be taken seriously.

Upon entering the Academy, she found herself being drawn to Security classes, more than any other. While there, she even took up several other martial arts which varied from earth based to alien based. As her experience in the academy progressed, Kela excelled in Security Investigations, Weapons Trainer, Tactics, and Hand to Hand combat. When she was younger she always found that she could lose herself in a good holo-mystery or book, so this was more of a welcoming escape for her. This welcomed escape, landed her at the top of her class and only push her to attend the Advanced Security Trainer classes after graduating the Academy.

It was then Kela took a break and decided she would take a chance a receiving a symbiont from the Symbiosis Commission on Trill. She wanted to be the first Merrick in her family to ever receive the Symbiont and she promised herself she would push through each competition and outlast all of them others. The road was long and tough, but eventually her academic successes and her determination granted Kela the Sirel Symbiont.

Litell - Litell is linguist who is a bit of a workaholic. Her primary attention has always focused on study and learning languages, so her attention and work habit has always placed her into group all her own. Making her a bit antisocial and shy around new people. Her ear for languages and studies on dialects earned her several accommodations. These achievements lead her to receiving the Sirel Symbiont.

Greck - Greck came to the Symbiosis Institute as a technological wizard in holodeck technology and computers. Shortly after receiving the Sirel symbiont he began his carrier as an entertainer, categorizing himself primarily as an illusionist, using holo-emitters and old fashion methods to gain recognition. His initial intention was to rise to the top and become galatically famous. For his name to be known throughout worlds. However, it came all to a standstill when he realized that it would cost him more in the long run. Greck turned to gambling, finding ways to gain latinum by using his quick hands and wits, but eventually it became more of an addiction. He found himself struggling to make the next big payday and only just missing it by one or two cards. Eventually he turned to become a con artist, using his knowledge of technology and holo programing to convince people of a variety of things, eventually gaining access to their money or potential valuables.

Lenara - Lenara had always shown a shine for athletics and psychology, but she would later be world renown for being a thief. Until the day she was caught, which was by her own fault, she was thought to be uncatchable. She would steal anything, as long as it was shiny and valuable to someone. Quite often, she did it just for the challenge alone. This is what led her to do her most daring thief of all. Stealing a symbiont from the Symbiosis Institute. Her primary plan was to try her way legally, by going through the program itself. Lying her way through at every turn, at the same time getting a good mental note of their security, routines, and floor plan. She almost made it, but was soon dismissed for an unexpected outburst with her field docent. This action forced Lenara to take things into her own hands and with much patience and a lot of good timing she found herself with a sedated Sirel Symbiont held in a solution filled container. In order to keep it constantly safe, she found a black market doctor to implant the Sirel into herself.

Bianca - Bianca came by the Sirel Symbiont by complete necessity. Lenara, was finally caught, and in an attempt to flee, she hurt herself and the symbiont. The accident led them to perform an emergency extraction of the symbiont and the only Trill onboard was Bianca, a stuck up beauty queen who had a constant flare for the dramatic. She, of course, was not pleased with the procedure because it would leave a scar and ruin her figure for bikinis and such. Becoming joined was a slightly new experience for her. Bianca found that she felt smarter and though to abuse what skills she gained to compete and other pageants.

Kela - Kela’s experience with the Sirel Symbiont, has so far been an interesting one. If it wasn’t for her current condition, she would lead a normal life as a Joined Trill, but she finds it a bit difficult. On rare occasions of nervousness, fear, panic, shock, and the occasional moments where she drinks a bit too much, one of the past host’s would take over for a brief period of time. On occasions Kela would wake up completely unaware of what happened. On other occasions, she is conscious but has no control over what’s happening. No one has yet to figure out what is the cause of this problem, but Kela’s determination has not let it bother her and her duties. Of course, there are several incidents that have gone unexplained and still remain in her personal file, however she has gone through several methods to keep it from happening. So far, all of them have proven unsuccessful.