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Lieutenant Illise Hale

Name Illise Avery Hale

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Planet of Origin Ajilon Prime
Age 25
Birth Date May 14, 2366
Location of Quarters Deck 3
Player (for PNPCs) NA

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Physical Description Illise is in excellent physical condition, and walks with an unconscious grace.
She usually keeps her thick hair tied back in a regulation bun or braid while on-duty, or has it in a looser style messy bun when off-duty. She only leaves her hair down on rare occasions. She doesn't care for makeup, with the exception of a bit of eyeliner. She has a tattoo of a Klingon symbol on her upper left arm, which is only visible when she is wearing something without sleeves.
Accent Light Eastern European influence


Spouse NA
Wedding Date NA
Children NA
Father Gregory Hale (Deceased)
Mother Jeanine Hale (Deceased)
Brother(s) Brandon Hale (6 years older) - Security Officer, Tananda Bay, Ajilon Prime Colony
Sister(s) Dana Hale (3 years younger) - Deceased
Other Family Uncle, Randall Mathews - Engineering Instructor, Starfleet Academy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Determined and willful, Illise is very smart and works hard to achieve her goals. She is often independent in her actions (such as taking the initiative), but follows the rules where they do not conflict with her sense of honor or morality.
Strengths & Weaknesses Excellent multitasking skills
Focus and drive to accomplish her goals
Despite current tensions between the Federation and the Empire, she still has loyalty to both Starfleet and the Klingon family who sponsored her exchange.
Considered by some to be a little reckless (after all, she did take it upon herself to apply and then make sure that she was accepted to an exchange to Qo’nos for three years), others think her brave and ambitious. Really, she may be a bit of all of them, but her actions are always tempered with forethought and analysis.
She has worked through much of the trauma from the death of her parents and sister, but that is not to say that is doesn’t still wake her in the middle of the night once in a while.
Holds to a code of honor.
Ambitions Illise would like to see the Federation and the Empire at peace again. She is no diplomat but would help ‘mend the fences’ any way she could.
Identify a new stellar phenomenon.
Secretly she would like to experience a temporal event, even though she knows the potential dangers of such things.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon calisthenics, hand-to-hand combat, stellar phenomenon, particle field analysis, ancient Earth & Klingon legends/stories.
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon

Personal History Illise was the middle child of three, born at Tananda Bay, the capital city of the Ajilon Prime colony. Her early childhood was typical and rather happy. She especially loved her sister Dana, who was two years younger than her.

In 2373, when Illise was seven years old, the colony was attacked by the Klingon Empire during the Federation-Klingon War, in what became known as the Battle of Ajilon Prime. With the two northern settlements cut off by the Klingons, the Federation set up a base at Tanada Bay where they attempted to evacuate the remaining colonists off-world. The Federation’s defensive line was hard-pressed, as the Klingons used transport scramblers and shot down hoppers, making it very difficult for the Federation forces to either regroup or retreat. The Klingon forces often resorted to hand-to-hand combat, which few of the Federation troops were prepare to handle, and the battles were usually brutal and grisly. The skirmish between the two forces lasted for several days, and was only halted when Jake Sisko collapsed a cave tunnel leading to the settlement, preventing the Klingons from advancing on the settlement. Soon after, the ceasefire between the Klingons and the Federation was reinstated, and the Klingons pulled out. (DS9: Nor the Battle to the Strong)

Illise’s family lived in a small community just outside the Tananda Bay settlement, and was one of those cut off from the evacuation routes when the Klingons advanced. Her brother Brandon was at on a school trip in the settlement at the time and was taken to the base with the other students. Several hoppers were sent to rescue the stranded colonists and bring them to safety. The hopper carrying Illise’s family was shot down by enemy fire. Illise was the only survivor. Only slightly injured, she waited in the wreckage for a day and a night before the federation came. It was widely remarked that she was lucky, since Klingon patrols in the area generally made a point to hunt down crashed hoppers and kill any survivors.

Three days later, the Defiant arrived at the colony and transported the critically wounded to Deep Space Nine for better medical care under the direction of Doctor Julian Bashir. Since their closest living relatives were Starfleet officers at the Academy, Illise and her brother Brandon went with them. After spending two weeks at DS9, they were transported to Earth to live with their aunt and uncle. When he was twenty-one, Brandon returned to the colony. Illise stayed on Earth and attended schools which would put her in the best position to attend Starfleet Academy. She showed much promise in the sciences and received scholarships to further her studies in this area.

Privately, Illise devoured any and all information she could get her hands on about Klingons. Despite what had happened at the colony, she was fascinated by them. When she was fourteen, she took it upon herself to apply to an exchange-type program that would allow her to travel to and study on Qo’nos, to which she was accepted nearly two years later. Her aunt and uncle required quite a bit of convincing, but shortly after she turned sixteen Illise left San Francisco for the Klingon Empire. She stayed with a Klingon family for three years before returning to Earth and applying and gaining acceptance to Starfleet Academy.
Education 2366-2373 - Early education at Tanada Bay, Ajilon Prime Colony
2373-2378 - Resumed education at San Francisco, Earth
2378-2382 - Scholarship program to Senova Science Academy (for children ages 12-16)
2382-2385 - Exchange program to study on Qo’nos
- Required Basic Engineering during assignment to a Klingon vessel
- Klingon Weaponry & Combat
- Stellar Phenomenon & Cartography
2385-2389 - Starfleet Academy
- Major in Advanced Theoretical Physics & Astrosciences (astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, and planetary sciences)
- Classes: Temporal Mechanics, Advanced Subspace Geometry, Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat
- Engineering Extension Course
- Intermediate Flight Training
Service Record IKS P’Tang 2385
- 4 months aboard a Klingon trainging vessel, a B’rel-class starship, the IKS P’Tang
- assigned to update star charts for the Empire
- 2 combat engagements

USS Walentas 2389
- 2 months aboard the Starfleet Academy training vessel

USS Coulson 2389 - September 2390
- 2 years as Junior Science Officer
- study of stellar phenomenon in the Amargosa Diaspora cluster
- received a commendation for her actions aboard the Coulson (she saved the sensor logs of the unstable wormhole which destroyed the ship; the only data to be recovered)

USS Calypso October 2390 - present
- transferred the Calypso October 2390
- Field promotion April 2391 to Lieutenant JG and Chief Science Officer
- Promoted to Lieutenant April 2392