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Lieutenant S'kott Schmidt

Name S'kott James Schmidt The Third

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan Hybrid
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 77
Birth Date April 1st, 2314

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Black(ish)
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Slightly olive
Physical Description Despite having a Human father, S'Kott looks largely Vulcan. Anyone who has ever spoken to him knows this to be a fallacy. He routinely is seen wearing black leather gloves, to protect himself from accidental contact with another person.
Accent British


Spouse Position available(Previously held 13 times)
Wedding Date Error on line four: exceeds maximum character length.
Children Jeanette Schmidt(Deceased, Wolf 359)
William Schmidt(deceased, wolf 359)
T'vrell(Deceased, Dominion war)
T'lada(Deceased, Dominion war)
Kor'Kott of house Kor'Kott(Qo'nos, leader of house Kor'Kott)
Lillian Williams(Starbase 17 infant intensive care)
Father Scott James Schmidt the second(Deceased)
Mother T'pik of Vulcan(Shi'Kahr intensive care facility)
Brother(s) Many ex-in-laws.
Sister(s) Many ex-in-laws

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'kott is an arrogant British sod, just like his father. He is routinely described by various commanding officers(two being his ex-wives), as "deliberately offensive, so as to prevent promotion."

Due to unrestrained, untrained touch telepathy, very phobic of physical contact.
Strengths & Weaknesses +/-Can consciously recall the last 60 years of Federation history.
+Usually punctual
-Slightly technologically out of date
Ambitions If you ask any of his ex-wives, the answer would be "to beat the current standing record of 23 ex-wives".

He has never confirmed, nor denied this.
Hobbies & Interests Fixing things. Breaking his marriages. According to several judge advocate generals, sexual harassment lawsuits.
Languages English, Poorly accented Vulcan, Poorly accented Klingon.

Personal History Born in a time of shakeup peace with the Klingon Empire, to the delightful English town of Brighton, S'Kott had a very hard time growing up, due to the untrained Vulcan traits his mother left him, before divorcing her husband.

Enrolling in Starfleet Academy, at 17, he quickly gained a knack for repairs, and divorce, himself; his first ex-wife was the Academy commandant.

Nearly a decade later, his second ex-wife, a Vulcan Admiral named (REDACTED) finally had enough of his antics, and reassigned him to a remote scientific research starbase, in a quiet nebula that nobody particularly cared about for fifty years.

50 years, and 11 more ex-wives, including two Commanders of Starbase 17, he finally lost his post in the divorce, when his Commanding Officer instituted a 25 food restraining order over "emotional damages."

Starfleet Command deemed it pertinent to reassign him to a ship, with a Captain who was already married.
Education 2330-2334(Starfleet Academy, Cadet)
Engineering specialist
Two negative notations for Sexual Harassment

Service Record 2334-2340(Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade)
Engineer, Assistant Chief Engineer.
Transferred upon promotion of Captain Ongaku-Chi, to (Redacted).

2340-2391(Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant(x5), Lieutenant Commander(x7), Commander(x2), Captain(x1))
Chief Engineering Officer, Executive Officer, Commanding Officer
Ten demotions, 94 citations for sexual Harassment.
One commendation for clever abuse of Chief Science Officer, as melee weapon to dissuade Jem'Hadar boarding party.
One citation for assault; see above.