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Lieutenant Christopher Hartley

Name Christopher John Hartley

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 32
Birth Date 23rd May
Location of Quarters Deck 9, Section 5 Alpha
Player (for PNPCs) Daniel

Physical Appearance

Height 6"1
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Physical Description Chris is well toned, and keeps in shape, making sure to run every day. He knows he is considered good looking, and he works really hard to make sure he remains that way.

He keeps his hair style in the same manner, short and well groomed. Whilst he is dedicated to keeping in shape, he will always put the job first.
Accent American


Spouse None
Wedding Date N/A
Children None
Father William Hartley - Fugitive at Large
Mother Mary Hartley - Fugitive at Large
Brother(s) Jack Hartley - Fugitive at Large
Grant Hartley - Fugitive at Large
Sister(s) Amy Hartley - Fugitive at Large
Other Family Alicia Milcombe - Adoptive Mother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chris is a dedicated officer, determined and headstrong. His family are criminals, and Chris takes it personally if anyone tries to paint him with the same brush as them. Having been considered a 'black sheep' by his family, when they were forced to flee, they left Chris behind. He was adopted by JAG Investigative Officer Alicia Milcombe, and raised to believe in the strictest sense of Starfleet, of Duty and Honour, and to always follow the law.

He is a good man, and will always stand up for what is right. He wasn't always strong or in shape, and used to be bullied and abused by his family, so he will always stand up for the innocent against bullies.

His strength is Engineering, and he has an eidetic memory. He is also trained in hand to hand combat, as well as weapons marksmanship, but he prefers to fix things than break them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Engineering Principles, Eidetic Memory, Warp Theory, Hand to Hand Combat, Marksmanship, Computers, Determined, Dedicated

Weakness - Stubborn, Medical knowledge, Sciences, Patience with Criminals, Short Temper when his family are mentioned
Ambitions To find his family and bring them to justice
To build new ships and make his mark on history
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Listening to Music, Playing the Violin, Chess, Working out, Fencing, Cooking
Languages English, Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon, Bolian, Bajoran, Ferengi (All due to his eidetic Memory)

Personal History Chris was born into a family of criminals, who ran arms for various criminal groups. They lived on Earth, and were among the best in their line of work. When Chris was born, they wanted to train him the same way they had trained his brothers and sister.

When Chris was ten, however, he found that he didn't want to follow in the family business, and his family didn't like that. His brothers hit him and his parents ignored him entirely. He was twelve when he found an old bunker in the garden that had long been forgotten about, full of technology from Kirk's time. He was able to set up a rudimentary encryption code, and spent as many hours there as he could. His family, for their part, didn't even notice. Because they didn't pay him any attention, not only did they not notice when he was hidden in there, they never found his treasure trove.

When he was 14, Chris came up from the bunker, and found a Starfleet Security Officer aiming a phaser rifle at him. The officer lowered it right away, since he had just been startled, and looked at him. Chris was told about his parents by the investigating officer, Alicia Milcombe, who told Chris that his parents had been bad. Chris, knowing this, showed Alicia another hidden bunker, accessible through the house. Inside was everything that Alicia needed to ensure that the Hartley family would spend the rest of their lives in jail, if they were ever caught.

Taking pity on Chris, she adopted him after he had been investigated and cleared of any wrong doing, and raised him, giving him the loving home he had always wanted. He trained his body and mind, and also studied every engineering text and manual he could. Alicia was even able to supply him with old tech, allowing him to invent and improve on the technology, although a good portion of it already existed. It did, however, allow Chris to nurture his love of engineering.

When he was 16, Chris started at a new school, and on the first day, he stopped the school bully by breaking his arm. Alicia, whilst having to reprimand him, told Chris how proud she was of him, but told him he needed to show more restraint and diplomacy. He then asked to visit Starfleet Academy, where his Adoptive Grandfather, Malcolm Milcombe, taught engineering.

Malcolm was able to get Chris into his classes, and right away he could see that Chris was destined for great things. His knowledge and wisdom of engines was greater than those in the fourth level. Chris was given special dispensation, and became a Cadet.

In his second year, Chris was taunted by someone who was affected by actions his family had taken, and, being in the fourth year, the cadet tried to punish Chris for anything and everything. Chris broke the cadet's nose, arm and leg, and when quizzed, he said he did it because the cadet had disrespected the service, and the Federation. Because the cadet had taken responsibility for what had happened, Chris wasn't punished, but he became close friends with the cadet, Joseph Reed.

When Chris graduated, he was assigned to the Atlanta, with Joseph, who was the Security Chief. Chris was assigned to Engineering, where he impressed his superior officers with his memory and knowledge of the inner workings of the warp core and the ship's design.

After two years, Chris was promoted to the assistant Chief Engineer Position. He retained that position for 8 months, until the Chief was killed when the ship was struck by an unknown weapon. It began to flood the ship with radiation, and would have killed everyone if Chris hadn't found a way to shunt the radiation into the ship's shields, saving the crew and finding that the attack was launched an unknown alien vessel, which was destroyed when the Atlanta fired a warning shot at it.

After four years, Chris was assigned to the USS Intrepid after the Atlanta was decomissioned after a battle with rogue Dominion forces, damaging it to the point that it wasn't salvageable. On the Intrepid, Chris and Joseph continued to work side by side for two years, until everything went wrong.

The Intrepid was attacked by the Orion Syndicate, and Chris found that the attack was ordered by his family. He helped stop the attack, but the First Officer, a new officer to the role, blamed Chris for the deaths on the ship. Chris responded by breaking the man's jaw in one punch, and then breaking three ribs and his wrist. Whilst Chris usually practised great self restraint, the comments crossed his line, pushing his buttons.

Chris spent a month in Starfleet Security's brig, when he was released. He was demoted from Lt. Commander to Lt. JG, but he was assigned to the Utopia Planetia yards as a Senior Project Engineer, a task he really sunk his teeth into.

After almost three years in the role, however, Chris was assigned to the USS Calypso, because of his skills and talents, and the hope that he could help find ways to ensure the Galaxy Class continued to play a role as the workhorse of the fleet.
Education Starfleet Academy - 4 years - Engineering Student, Minor in Security
Service Record USS Atlanta - 2 years - Engineering Officer
USS Atlanta - 8 months - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Atlanta - 4 years, 5 months - Chief Engineering Officer
USS Intrepid - 2 years - Chief Engineering Officer
Starfleet Security - 1 Month - Prisoner
Utopia Planetia Fleet Construction - 2 years, 10 months - Senior Project Engineer.
USS Calypso - Present Assignment - Chief Engineering Officer