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Lieutenant JG Maryam Syed

Name Maryam Syed

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 31
Birth Date July 31 1996
Location of Quarters Deck 8
Player (for PNPCs) Maryam Syed

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color tan/brown
Physical Description Her curly-wavy hair is kept in a pixie-cut . She gave up long hair because it reminded her of her weaker self and also because it was just getting annoying.

Her eyes are a dark brown, though in bright light one can see their true color: a slightly dark amber color (as can be seen in her 'close up' picture.) They are slightly almond-shaped. Her lashes are naturally very thick and long. Her brows are now at a reasonable thickness and length after many years of using a personal laser-treatment spa on them, but through most of her life her brows have been rather thick, nearly a unibrow, without treatment.

Her lips are naturally rather pale, so she usually wears a decent shade of pink or plum or more natural-colored lipstick.

At 5'1, she is a short and slim person. Her skin is a fairly light brown color, though it tans to a richer brown in the sun, and while swimming in the sun. Her face makes her look young beyond her years - perhaps eighteen. She could swear she stopped aging at fourteen, but of course, the years do bring slight changes.
Accent British


Father Frank
Mother Sarah
Brother(s) Shamoun Syed
Ibraheem Syed
Sister(s) Humaira Syed
Other Family Kuli Black (cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview From the desk of Counsellor Remal Kajun - the results of a Myers-Briggs personality test

Maryam is an adventurous person, and is constantly ready to attack a new problem - as long as she is prepared before hand. She has a strongly-felt internal sense of duty, which lends her a serious air and the motivation to follow through on tasks. Organized and methodical in their approach, she can generally succeed at any task which she undertakes.

She is very loyal, faithful, and dependable. She places great importance on honesty and integrity. She can be depended on to do the right thing for her family, friends, and the crew. While she generally take things very seriously, she also an offbeat sense of humor and can be a lot of fun - especially at family or work-related gatherings.

Maryam tends to believe in laws and traditions, and expects the same from others. She's not comfortable with breaking laws or going against the rules. If she's able to see a good reason for stepping outside of the established mode of doing things, she'll support that effort [as might be obvious from her renegade mission on Nigelis]. However, Maryam more often tends to believe that things should be done according to procedures and plans - just to make sure absolutely nothing will go wrong.

She is extremely dependable on following through with things which she has promised. Because she has such a strong sense of duty, Maryam has a little bit of difficulty saying "no" when she's given more work than she can reasonably handle. She does not want to be seen as incompetent. However, Maryam seems to have mastered the ability to reject an unhealthy amount of work.

Maryam will work for long periods of time and put tremendous amounts of energy into doing any task which she sees as important to fulfilling a goal. However, she will resist putting energy into things which don't make sense to her, or for which she can't see a practical application. She prefers to work alone, but works well in teams when the situation demands it. She like to be accountable for their actions, and enjoy being in positions of authority. Maryam has little use for theory or abstract thinking, unless the practical application is clear.

Maryam may have difficulty understanding a theory or idea which is different from her own perspective. However, if she is shown the importance or relevance of the idea to someone who she respects or cares about, the idea becomes a fact, which she will internalize and support. Once she supports a cause or idea, she will make sure she is doing her duty of giving support where support is needed.

She is not naturally in tune with her own feelings and the feelings of others. They may have difficulty picking up on emotional needs immediately, as they are presented, though Maryam demonstrates a strong ability to realize what is needed very quickly. Being a perfectionist, she has a tendency to take other people's efforts for granted, like she takes her own. Unlike most people who have this trait, however, she is very good at recognizing a situation where congratulations are in order.

Once Maryam realizes the emotional needs of those she is close to, she puts forth effort to meet those needs.

She is extremely faithful and loyal. Traditional and family-minded, she'll put forth great amounts of effort at making her home and family run smoothly. She is a good and generous provider to her family (though she finds it difficult to part with material goods she cares about or has earned, and considers material gifts very important, as she intuitively feels like the giving must also have been a great effort, overcome with great love.) She cares deeply about those she is close to, and she expresses her affection through actions and words - she is very expressive about emotions though tends to keep any sadness to herself, not wishing to burden anyone else.

She has an excellent ability to take any task and define it, organize it, plan it, and implement it through to completion. She's a very hard worker who do not allow obstacles to get in the way of performing her duties. She does not usually give herself enough credit for her achievements, seeing her accomplishments simply as the natural fulfillment of their obligations.

Maryam has a great sense of space and function, and artistic appreciation. Her quarters (she tells me) are as tastefully furnished as possible, and immaculately maintained. She is acutely aware of her senses, and wants to be in surroundings which fit her need for structure, order, and beauty.

Under stress, Maryam may fall into "catastrophe mode", where she sees nothing but all of the possibilities of what could go wrong. She will berate herself for things which she should have done differently, or duties which she has failed to perform. Though Maryam, even in these types of situations, tells me she can think fairly clearly, she admits that will lose some of her ability to see things calmly and reasonably, and will depress herself with visions of doom.

In general, Maryam has a tremendous amount of potential. A capable, logical, reasonable, and effective individual with a deeply driven desire to promote security and peaceful living, Maryam has what it takes to be highly effective at achieving their chosen goals - whatever they may be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Explained in the original Myers-Briggs Evaluation ~ Counselor Remal Kajun
Ambitions - to do something meaningful in her life
- to find a way to extend life
- to learn about many cultures and species, and discover new worlds
Hobbies & Interests - reading
- writing
- drawing
- singing
- holo-games (as many are very addictive, she tries to limit the amount she plays.)
Languages English, Urdu

Personal History As a young girl, she always dreamed of being a writer and artist - those were the things she excelled in and loved. Over the years, however, she was persuaded that she ought to do something that would be more likely to give her what she wanted, and she found her calling in Starfleet as an engineer.

While she loved engineering, and loved to find out how things worked and fiddle with them to create something new, she also had another desire: to find a way to prolong life further. Medicine had greatly advanced since the 21st century, curing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, and others, and in fact had found many efficient ways to replace old body parts such as fragile bones, a mechanical heart, and more, and human life expectancy had been extended into the hundreds, Maryam wished for another way to make sure nobody she ever loved would be lost...and that she herself would never cease to exist. Therefore, as she worked on graduating from the Academy, she also researched life-prolonging technology and as she learned the tools of an engineer, she began to do some minor experiments in this area, with some help from her father, a doctor and engineer (he had graduated as an engineer the same year that Maryam graduated from the Academy.)

While Maryam began serving on the Sunfire, her father (with help from the other siblings and Maryam herself when she wasn't being chased by feral dogs or possessed by plants) started up a star ship company, whose main goal was to develop faster warp cores and otherwise enhance starships cheaply, while focusing on the goal for prolonging life further on the side. The family moved to a starship and began their own explorations, while, slowly, the kids of the family began to start their own careers.

A little longer than a year later, Humaira and Shamoun, Maryam's siblings, joined the ship.

However, good times were coming to an end. An intelligence and diplomatic mission gone wrong left her brother a husk of himself and Maryam suffering guilt due to the consequences of what she had to do. Humaira left Starfleet. With no one to talk to, Maryam began to grow more and more depressed and anguished and began to try and find and stop the one who had done the damage.
Service Record USS Sunfire - Start November 12, 2384