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Lieutenant Mara Cross

Name Mara Evelyn Cross

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Alurian
Age 98
Birth Date Sep. 29th, 2293

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 131 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Mara, a lengthy athletic woman with straight blonde hair that passes her shoulders when worn down. Her eyes naturally hazel in color however appear in different colors depending on her mood, situation and environment. She normally wears fitted clothing when off-duty.


Brother(s) James
Sister(s) Keira, April

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mara is a curious woman. Her interests are very vast, and only contained by the limits of her surroundings. She is a well-traveled woman. She likes to meet new people and hear their stories. Seeing new places, and learning about them brings her a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Mara is a sponge for information. She is very intelligent. She has been blessed with a gift of being able to retain almost anything she reads or hears which has helped her greatly. As a child she enjoyed school, and even as an adult she has continued her education in multiple fields of study.

Outside of her traveling, and learning, Mara is a very kind soul. She is always willing to listen and offer advice to those that seek it. Her appearance doesn’t show it, but she is a very wise person. She loyal to people in her life. She sometimes can be too honest with people as it can come across as being mean but she always means well.

She likes to have a good time. She enjoys playing beach volleyball, and anything involving water.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very intelligent. Able to retain information easily. She is extremely athletic which tends to make her be competitive which can be a good, and a bad thing. She has a habit of allowing her curiosity to get her in trouble. She is definitely stubborn, and at times opinioned. She sometimes get too focused on what she is doing that she tends to forget to look up, and see those around her. This has caused her to not be as long as to her family as she would like too.
Ambitions Mara would like to return to her home planet one day. She knows that it was destroyed long ago, and that she probably won’t find anything of importance but she would like to see it. She also wants to learn as much as she can and explore the galaxy. She is driven by the unknown.
Hobbies & Interests Her interests are vast. However, archaeology and computer science are at the top of the list. She also likes to play volleyball, and any water activity. She is also an avid mountain climber, and enjoys a good hike. Running hasn’t always been one of her favorite activities but over the years it has started to become more enjoyable. She also enjoys music from all sorts of cultures.
Languages English (standard), Vulcan, Romulan, Bajoran, Betazoid, Klingon, Cardassian, and Ferengi

Personal History Mara never knew her real parents. She was only couple of months old when her parents died aboard an El Aurian ship that was destroyed by the Nexus. Helena Cross, a nurse aboard the USS Enterprise B took care of Mara while Starfleet attempted to locate her parents however when the investigation concluded that her parents were unfortunately dead Helena, along with her husband Richard decided to adopt Mara and raise her as their own.

At the time of her adoption Richard and Helena didn’t have any kids of their own. They loved and took very good care of Mara. Then several years later they had a baby, and Mara had first sister, Keira. A year later her brother James was borned. By this time Mara was six years old. Her parents continued to treat her, and raise her as if she was their own. She lived a good childhood.

Her parents decided to retire from Starfleet when they found out that they were to have yet another baby. After their retirement they moved to London from San Francisco.

Mara was an extremely bright young woman. She always found that school came easy to her, and she loved to learn. She was also an amazing big sister to her siblings, and always willing to help her parents. She loved to play volleyball. In all, she lived a normal teenage life. She never suspected that she was adopted nor did her parents mention it.

After her graduation from high school, she decided to pursue a degree in Archaeology. She had fallen in love with the idea of discovering ancient civilizations, learning about their way of life. After four years at the university she graduated with honors from the university. On her graduation night her parents decided to tell her about her past.

The news was upsetting to her. She was mad that her parents didn’t tell her the truth before. She joined Starfleet quickly after that. Maybe, it was to get away, or maybe it was to learn as much as she could about the El Aurians. Maybe she wanted to meet one of her own kind. Whatever her reason at the time was she didn’t have any problems getting into Starfleet.

Over the next four years, she studied hard, and research. She also started to repair her relationship with her parents. She graduated from Starfleet Academy, first in her class. She choose the USS Atkins as her first assignment. It was a brand new, state of the art science vessel. She spent several years aboard the ship as the Science Officer then moved onto USS Harwich and USS Irwin as the Assistant Chief Science Officer.

After a couple of years of bouncing between ships she was assigned to Vulcan as the Starfleet Science Advisor to Vulcan Science Ministry. She spent three years there, and enjoyed every minute of it. She fell in love with the Vulcan culture, and way of life. She enjoyed their logical side. She learned a lot not only about Vulcans but about number of interesting subjects.

After three years she was reassigned to the USS York where she only spent a year aboard as the Chief Science Officer. She found it to be unfulfilling. She took a leave of absence from Starfleet. She headed back to Earth where she spent time with her parents, and siblings.

After couple of years on Earth, she decided to head out and explore the galaxy. She spent approximately 50 years exploring the galaxy. She experienced so many different things that only people can dream about. She took the time to learn about the things she wanted too. She made visits to Earth ever so often to visit her family but they became few far in between.
Education PHD in Archaeology, MS in History, MS in Computer Science, MS in Information Management, MS in Information Security, MS in Holographic Technology, MS in Communications
Service Record 2320 – 2324 – Starfleet Academy
2324 – 2326 – USS Atkins // Science Officer
2326 – 2327 – USS Harwich // Asst. Chief Science Officer
2327 – 2328 – USS Irwin // Asst. Chief Science Officer
2328 – 2330 – Vulcan Science Ministry // Starfleet Science Advisor
2330 – 2331 – USS York // Chief Science Officer
2331 – 2386 – Leave of Absence from Starfleet
2386 – 2388 – Starfleet Academy
2388 – 2389 – USS Acasta // Operations Officer
2389 – 2391 – USS Acasta // Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2391 – Current – USS Calypso // Chief Operations Officer