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Lieutenant T'Pral

Name T'Pral

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Planet of Origin Vulcan
Age 34
Birth Date 21 February, 2359 (by Earth reckoning)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lb
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Fair
Physical Description With stereotypically angular features of a vulcan, she wears her hair cropped short for convenience. Perpetually exudes a serious and professional vibe.


Spouse LtCdr S'Tras, Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Exeter
Children None
Father Valin
Mother T'Pur
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is stereotypically Vulcan. Stoic and quiet, but confident when the need arises. Being still relatively young, her emotions sometimes still crack to the surface, though she is quick to suppress them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Can be stubborn to a point that she ignores medical issues to continue working. She is an excellent engineer, with a working knowledge of a variety of designs. She prefers to work alone, and when forced into a group, often her Vulcan aloofness becomes an issue. When given a task or assignment, she pushes herself to exceed expectations and parameters.
Ambitions To keep her assigned engine and power plant at peak efficiency. Eventually be part of a team to present a working model of a game-changing device.
Hobbies & Interests In what off-time T'Pral allows herself, she spends studying Vulcan logic, to perhaps one day undergo Kolinahr.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Dominion, Camli

Personal History T'Pral was born on Vulcan in 2359 to Valin, a researcher in the Vulcan Science Academy, and T'Pur, who served in the Vulcan High Command under the Science Directorate. Her upbringing was typical of a Vulcan, filled with study of logic and science. She followed the expected, logical path for herself. She became betrothed to a well-suited match at age 7 in S'Tras. Following their marriage a decade later when they both underwent their first pon farr, she entered the Vulcan Science Academy where she focused her studies on propulsion and power systems, especially those employed by the Dominion. T'Pral did well and was content to continue those duties for the next six years, expanding into more theoretical designs.

It was at her second pon farr that everything went awry. She recognized the symptoms right away, but fought against them. Her husband was in Starfleet at this point, far away from Vulcan, and she had her research. Unfortunately, an error occurred and the power system her team was working on exploded, killing two researchers. While T'Pral wasn't directly responsible, she still felt she should have noticed something, if not for her ignoring pon farr. This incident precipitated her leaving the Science Academy to locate her husband.

She spent the next two years traveling with her husband on his starship as a sort of de facto Vulcan ambassador. Because her husband had chosen Starfleet instead of the Science Academy, she had a more… Vulcan perspective to provide. The posting was in no way official, but she did find those two years… agreeable. The experience gave her a new direction to take her life, and once they reached Earth, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy.

She excelled in the Academy, especially in her Engineering coursework. Her previous experience at the Science Academy served her well, and she advanced easily. It was not logical to skip ahead, so she kept pace with her classmates and graduated in the usual four year span.

T'Pral's first posting was to the all-Vulcan USS T'Kumbra as an Engineer. While she would have chosen a more cosmopolitan crew, it was not logical to resist. She still performed her duties admirably. In fact, soon after her arrival, she was assigned to a planetary survey team where a serendipitous discovery brought a significant change to her.

On the uninhabited planet, the team discovered a cave complex that contained a structure that was clearly artificial. Further investigation of the contradictory discovery revealed the lone survivor, Calisa. The Vulcan team tried to communicate with the girl to no avail. T'Pral approached and touched the girl's arm to get her attention, but suddenly passed out. T'Pral didn't understand for some time the significance of that contact. Following Calisa's "imprinting" on T'Pral, the girl was much more amiable to contact, eventually returning to the T'Kumbra with the team.

T'Pral quickly recovered, and learned much about Calisa and her people, the Camli. The imprint, a form of telepathic link, forced them to remain together for the first few months. After a while, T'Pral felt she had taught the girl as much as she could (still being an Ensign), and suggested the girl attend Starfleet Academy as well, so that she could get the officer billet she so craved.

T'Pral continued serving aboard the T'Kumbra, rapidly learning the intricacies of the Nova-class's MARA core and warp engines. She soon earned her next pip as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, and subsequently she moved into the Assistant Chief Engineer position.

Upon completion of her tour aboard the T'Kumbra, T'Pral discovered that Calisa would be graduating around the same time, and they would be transferred to the same ship - the USS Calypso.
Education 2377-2383: Vulcan Science Academy; Propulsion and power systems researcher
2385-2389: Starfleet Academy; Engineering
Service Record 2389-2391: USS T'Kumbra, Ens, Engineer
2391-2393: USS T'Kumbra, Ltjg, Asst. Chief Engineer
2393-Pres: USS Calypso, Lt, Chief Engineer