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Colonel Damon Raine

Name Damon Taylor Raine

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 35
Birth Date December 12

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 189 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Physical Description Damon considers his fitness to be a top proiority and his physique reflects such. He has a number of surface scars from service but these are kept hidden under uniforms.


Spouse Samantha York
Wedding Date August 27, 2389
Father Christopher Raine (Deceased)
Mother Allison Raine (Deceased)
Sister(s) LT. Commander Alexandra Sterling
Other Family Christopher Sterling (Nefew)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Damon would be considered by many to be happy-go-lucky, often cracking jokes and enjoying life. In his service life, however, he is known to be a serious and cautious individual doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety and success of his squad members. His record has noted a number of altercations with other marines when the integrity of his platoon was questioned noting a fierce loyalty to those who serve with him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Fiercely loyal
+ Competent leader
+ Team player

- At times overly aggressive
- Overconfident
Ambitions Damon is not noted for being overly ambitious. Advancement is agreeable to him so long the position affords him the ability to stay on the battlefield.

To him success isn't limited to a rank. The real judge of a successful commander is dirrectly linked to the number of Marines who survive while under his watch.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Training with Marines
Locating rare bottles of alcohol
Languages Federation Standard English, Cardasian

Personal History It is in Damon's blood to be enrolled in Starfleet. Every generation in his family line has seen at least one person taking the oath. Both of Damon's parents, Christopher and Allison, served aboard an aging Miranda class Starship. Due to the uncertainty of their commissions they left their twin children, Damon and Alexandra, to live with their Uncle in Toronto Canada.

Tragedy struck when the children were still young that their parents had been killed in action after their ship had been attacked by some unknown force. After news of their parents death's the two quickly learned to support each other through whatever life threw at them, often picking up where the other was lacking.

They had talked often about one day joining Starfleet themselves to honor their parents memory. Once they were both of age they each enrolled in different aspects of Starfleet. Alexandra enrolled in Starfleet Medical so Damon decided to fill in the more aggressive role of Marine to, as he said, "balance things out".

Damon took to training extremely well often "adopting" classmates in order to strengthen them in areas where they were falling short. This proved to be an asset as the Dominion War broke out just after Damon's first year in the SFMC. They were rushed out of basic as the need for Marines grew dramatically, the brass told them that they would be "field trained". This motivated Damon to truly excel as it became a "do or die" situation.

He was involved in a number of boarder region conflicts and proved himself to be a capable leader being noted for his ability to efficiently command his fire team in extraordinarily stressful conditions. He always managed to keep his cool and think logically when situations had significantly deteriorated. With this experience behind him he led his squad in several successful raids against Dominion sensor outposts which would later become part a key network to blind the Dominion on task force movements. He was promoted to Master Sergeant shortly after for his role in the fighting.

After the Dominion war Damon served on a number of grounded assignments as part of the peacekeeping efforts on troubled planets. Cardasia Prime was where his longest tour took place. The Marines were stationed there to help with a still hostile population and daily had to deal with riots and extremely high crime rate. This tour hardened Damon to the job that was expected of him, however, he never lost his sense of humor or his belief in what the SFMC was trying to accomplish.

While Damon was content to stay as an enlisted marine he felt he could save more marines lives if he were in a position to take charge. With this in mind he began taking university courses in whatever spare time could be afforded. Within a few years he graduated with a degree in sociology. His commission followed shortly after his graduation.
Service Record Marine CO on the USS Orion
Marine CO on the USS Calypso
Resigned his commission to stay on the Calypso. Switched to Starfleet and became XO.