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Lieutenant JG Andrew Argyle

Name Andrew Masters Argyle

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Andrew Is of average hight and build. Andrew always caries himself well and likes to look smart, even though the role of engineer prevents that from time to time. He likes to have a bit of facial hair, a very neat read/brown beard with just the slightest dusting of grey. He also has a hint of weight starting to build around the stomach, otherwise he is fully fit.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Alexander
Mother Elizabeth
Brother(s) Felix Argyle (Captian, Starfleet)
Sister(s) NA
Other Family NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andrew is a very jovial person. He has a quick singular wit and enjoys a good laugh with the rest of the staff but dose know when it is appropriate. Andrew is sociable and out going and considers himself some what of a ladies man. When not in engineering he can be found on the holo deck either playing out one of his fantasy games or designing upgrades and tweaks to improve the ship. If not on the holo deck, he can be found in 10 forward where he spends a lot of time with his friends and co workers. He takes great pride in his work and revels in tough problems and problem solving.
Strengths & Weaknesses Andrew is very adept at solving problems and loves to get his hands on things. Quick to react to problems and how to resolve them. There isnt much he cant do on the bridge.

Andrews weaknesses is that he uses this jovial expression of himself to cover up the fact that he lacks confidence, not in his abilities as an engineer but in day to day life. From time to time he can be found ''day dreaming''. He tends to drift off if not directly involved and can become easily bored when not challenged.
Ambitions Andrew is looking to have his own command one day, which is somewhat unheard of for an opps officer, however after hearing of his brothers recent promotion to captain this has driven him on. If not command he wants to go back to earth and teach at the academy and raise a family
Hobbies & Interests An avid puzzle and soccer fan and is also has a passing interest in the martial arts karate more to be precise which he is teaching himself of the holodeck
Languages Terran, Klingon(basic)

Personal History Andrew was born in 2359 on earth to to Elizabeth and Alexander Argyle. Andrew is the youngest in the Family and as a result wanted for nothing. His older brother Felix was always getting himself and Andrew into trouble and misadventure but at the end of the day boys will be boys.

From an early age both boys had shown an interest in Starfleet. Andrew was the more creative of the two and would always be helping his dad in the work shop or building tree forts. He had a natural talent for engineering and by the time he joined starfleet he was well versed in mechanical principals and subspace theory

His brother at this point was three years older an was moving into his final year and was on his training crews on board the York Town. This meant that his during this time he would have to make his own friends and not rely on his older brother to help him. Being an Argyle however, gave Andrew a bad press before he even went to the academy. With his brother being quite the trouble maker before him so he had to try extra hard before he could make headway with the faculty.

His first year was the toughest, new surroundings, being overshadowed by his brother 'The next big thing'. Andrew however stuck to his craft and worked hard. By the time his second year came around he was heading up a class project to increase the energy output of a type 7 shuttle, and by theory should increase the warp thresh hold by 7 per cent. The object of this was to see if any class member could handle the pressures of the engine room as well as heading up the team that did it. Suffice to say all who took part played them well and the class was commended by the head of SF academy which is only the third time this has been done ever.

By the time his final year came by Andrew had name for himself and stepped out of Felix' shadow. He was recognised as the real deal and full of potential. He passed his course with flying colours, finishing top of his class which he was personally commended for. His brother found the time to attend his passing out parade as did his whole family. This was the proudest day of his life.

Andrew was posted to the U.S.S Potempkin as engineers mate with the rank of ensigne and never looked back. From here he made several transfers through the fleet, never really finding a settled place. This tended to lead to him being a bit of a loner which in turn affected his self confidence. Now he has been given the chance of a new life aboard the Calypso and is relishing the chance.
Service Record 2381:- Graduated Starfleet Academy Posted Engineers mate U.S.S Potempkin

2382:- Promoted LT JG engineers Assistant U.S.S Potempkin

2385:- Transferd U.S.S Regula Assistant CEO

2386:- Lt JG CEO U.S.S Regula

2387:- Transferd U.S.S Calypso COpO