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Lieutenant JG Kalyka Meral

Name Kalyka Meral

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Planet of Origin Bajor
Age 26
Birth Date 13 June, 2360

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Skin Color Tan
Physical Description Meral, or Kalyka as she prefers, is a young Bajoran woman with blonde hair, grey eyes, and the typical nose ridges. Her ridges are very defined, a form of beauty in Bajorans. She has little need for makeup, as her skin is flawless and her lips are a natural pink. If she does wear makeup, it is mascara on her blonde eyelashes. She has curves and long legs, but is not a sex kitten like some women. She may not be a supermodel, but she never felt the need to enhance what she already has.

On duty she usually pulls her hair back into a simple but efficient ponytail at the base of her skull, although occasionally she will put it up in a simple yet elegant updo. Off duty she prefers her hair down and flowing over her shoulders and a good pair of jeans on. She doesn't wear jeans because they are fashionable, but because she wore them all the time on the family farm for the durability and likes to stick with what works. She usually wears tops with a slight feminine touch to them, not overdone, but just enough to be there. All in all, Kalyka takes great pride in her appearance.
Accent Slight Bajoran Accent


Father Kalyka Elom
Mother Kalyka Apali
Brother(s) Kalyka Neras
Sister(s) Jiro Jorani

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kalyka is, in a word, content. She learned early in life the value of being comfortable with who she is and where she is in her life. Part of what has made her so content is her deep and abiding belief in the Prophets. She believes that to follow Their path is to find true peace in your heart. She is quiet, but not timid; she is merely content to keep her thoughts to herself. If one goes to her and starts a conversation she will talk animatedly with you. She is very friendly, just quiet. She is one of those truly good people that tends to get overlooks. She never has a bad thing to say about anyone unless it is needed for discipline in the department. On duty she will encourage and direct her subordinates but has immense concentration herself. She can find the good in any person or situation, no matter how bad. She is mostly seen with a small, contented smile on her face.

Animals love her; she knew an attack dog at the Academy. The dog was vicious and snarled at everyone. The day before the end of her first year, she went to the dog and petted it. It never growled at anyone again and was useless as a guard dog.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Good with animals
+ Confident
+ Capable
+ Good organization with people
+ Optimistic
+ Engines
+ Holodecks
+ Transporters
+ Tactical Systems
+ Replicators

- Often gets let down
- Wants to make every stray a pet
- Can sometimes be a pushover
- Consoles
- Environmental systems
- Can get too absorbed in what she is doing
Ambitions To be a Starfleet Captain of a science vessel, to become a true daughter of the Prophets, and have a family. She also wants to eventually move back to Bajor and raise moba fruit like her parents did.
Hobbies & Interests Learning New Languages, Meditating, Praying, Springball, Dabo, Trying new foods, Gardening, racquetball, competition diving, holodecks, holomovies, holonovels, dancing, trying new things
Languages Bajoran, Federation Standard, Ancient Bajoran (Reading only), conversational Betazoid, some Andorian

Personal History Meral was born during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. She was barely ten years old when they left, but she still has some troubles trusting Cardassians. After the Cardassians left, she grew up more or less happy and healthy on a farm in Kendra Province. They raised moba fruit and took it to market for what they needed. She loved to sit beneath the trees and gaze at the purple fruit. She and her mother would often make jam from them, but Meral’s main job was fixing the equipment around the house. She did it well and was very happy when she was doing it. She felt content and at peace with the world when she was fixing them for the simple fact that it was a problem she could solve. When Meral was 15, the Klingons began raids on the Cardassians. Her father said this was good news for them, but Meral was not so sure. Neither was Neras. When they went to town, Meral and Neras would talk about the Klingons, and wonder what would happen. Jorani, 3 years younger than Meral, wanted nothing to do with these discussions, preferring to talk about boys and clothes with her friends.

A year later, the Dominion came. They were kind enough, but Meral was never at ease around the hulking Jem'Hadar soldiers. Then the fighting came. Elom took the family to the other side of Federation territory in the hopes of saving his family. They went to Earth. But they struck there too. Nowhere was safe from the Dominion. They were everywhere. Everyone was asking the Emissary for miraculous wonders, but Meral saw something else: he was mortal. He was a mortal that was Touched by the Prophets, yes, but he was still a mortal man. She also saw the wonders he could do just by doing what he did before he arrived at Bajor: as a Starfleet officer. That was when she applied to Starfleet Academy. They accepted her readily, desperate for more men. She graduated after the war was over, but she didn't regret it; she was doing something worthwhile with her life.

From this came a great contentment within Meral and seemed to radiate from her. Everyone would ask, what is it, and she would answer, nothing. She is content in the knowledge that one person can make a difference and she is doing her best to be that person.

At the Academy, Meral had first decided to be a science officer. She had enjoyed her summers spent at B’hala, loves plants and animals, and liked learning new languages. What could be better, she thought. But Kurl and ancient Greece didn’t hold much appeal compared to B’hala, and neither did a lot of other things she was learning. She took refuge helping Boothby fix his machines needed for his beloved flowers. Finally the old man asked her why she was in science when it was so clear that what really made her happy was fixing things. She spent a few days thinking about what he had said and then decided that he was right. Now that she was in a field she loved, her grades improved dramatically.

Kalyka’s first assignment was the USS Achilles. She treated everyone the same, unlike some of the other ensigns. Some of the new ensigns thought they knew everything and treated any enlisted like they were beneath them. Kalyka knew better: the enlisted were the main ones who did the grunt work so they knew the ins and outs of the ship better than anyone and she treated them accordingly. One officer took notice of this and took her under his wing: Lt Danny Beardman, the shift supervisor. Danny taught her everything he knew and soon a rivalry sprung up between them. Kalyka loved Danny like a brother. When they were both reassigned, they promised to keep in touch and they still do this day.

Kalyka was transferred to the USS Thor, a Norway class. She made fast friends with Tyrone Mitchell and Titus Menapoulos. Mitchell was a former athlete who had enlisted during the Dominion War and Titus was his geeky friend. The three of them were inseparable off duty until Shannen O’Reilly came and three became four. That is, until the ship was assigned a diplomatic mission between the Klingons and Ferengi. The Klingons broke the non-violence terms and attacked both the Ferengi and the Thor simply because they did not like the way the talks were going. Shannen died in the attack and the Thor limped back to starbase to be repaired.

Kalyka was deeply troubled; she had seen death before but never someone so close to her. She was put into counseling and she came out of it stronger because she realized she could lie down and let it beat her, or she could treasure her friend’s memory and try to help those who can’t help themselves, like Shannen would want. This gave her a strength and depth of character that she hadn’t had before and only added to her previous contentment. Shortly after this she was promoted for continuous hardwork.

She served on the Thor for a total of three years before being transferred to the USS Calypso.
Service Record USS Achilles, Ens, Engineer
Promotion to LtJG
USS Thor, LtJG, Asst Chief Engineer
USS Calypso, LtJG, Chief Engineer