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Commodore Samantha York

Name Samantha Felicity York

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid
Planet of Origin Betazed
Age 34
Birth Date 31 March, 2357
Location of Quarters Deck 9A (over 10 Forward)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 132 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Light tan
Physical Description Samantha wears conservative clothing that is neat in appearance. Off-duty she prefers to wear jeans.
She loves to wear bright colors.
Her hair is long and curly. Sam often wears it loose.
She is attractive and cheerful
Accent Very faint Spanish accent, more pronounced when emotional


Spouse Damon Raine
Wedding Date 27 August, 2389
Children None
Father Marello York (deceased)
Mother Maria Callisaya (deceased)
Brother(s) Pedro (deceased)
Juan Carlos (deceased)
Stefan (deceased)
Marcos (deceased)
Jorge (deceased)
Sister(s) none
Other Family Samantha has a large family on her Mother's side. Most of them live in the Andes mountains of South America, Earth.
However, as Sam is from a parallel universe, the family she has here is not technically hers.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samantha grew up with five older brothers. She spent most of her teen years competing with, and against, her male relatives. Although she likes sports and outdoor activities, she is not a tomboy.
Her first loves are history and archaeology. She has always loved to dig around in the dirt and read old books.
She has a warm, friendly disposition.
Sam is a telepath, but she has to focus to use her talent. Most of the time it is just background nose. (Unless the thought is a particularly strong one.) She has limited telekinesis. She can move small objects about 20 feet -- if she concentrates on it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Intelligent and loves to learn.
- Has a great deal of knowledge about ancient cultures and civilizations - especially Earth history.
- Usually thinks before she acts. Will often take the more logical path of the academic.
- She is loyal to her friends.
- Friendly and outgoing, she has a warm disposition.

- Tends to get too focused on her work and can lose track of time.
- Has a competitive streak, especially when it comes to her brothers.
- Although she is outgoing and friendly, she also feels uncomfortable in large groups of strangers. She is most comfortable with people she knows, or reading a book.
- Her curiosity can get her into trouble sometimes. She has a habit of wanting to know what is in a cave or ancient site and not think of the possible consequences.
Ambitions Samantha has spent most of her life learning. Now she would like to travel throughout the galaxy to explore ancient cultures and civilizations. She loves discovering new things about ancient cultures.

She would like to find a good man to share her life with.

One day she would like to teach at a university that lets her take her students around the Federation working on archaeological sites. She would also like to be a consultant on matters of archaeology and history.
Hobbies & Interests History, archaeology and books are her passions. She collects books and has a large house in Cochabamba filled with books. She keeps a large number of books with her as she uses them for historical research.

She also loves computers and is adept at programming and repairing them. She has some experience with coding and decrypting.

Favorite activities include paintball, fĂștbol (soccer), rock and mountain climbing and target shooting. As an archaeologist it is very important to know how to use a phaser. And a slug thrower. She enjoys tai chi.

Sam enjoys Andean folk music and Big Band music. She has taken ballroom dance lessons and enjoys both American and Latin ballroom dancing.

She also loves to sing. She will often sing when she's working alone on a project and she has spent many a night singing around a campfire while on a dig. Her favorite music is old Earth Broadway, but she also loves classic Rock and Roll and standards from the 1940s and 50s.
Languages Standard, Spanish, Vulcan, Romulan, Bajoran, Cardassian, Betazoid, Ferengi and limited Klingon. She is familiar with a number of ancient Earth languages.

Personal History Samantha is the youngest of six children. She was born on Betazed and spent several years there before her family moved to Earth. Her mother was a Federation Diplomat and her father was an Ambassador.

Her brothers and male cousins teased her a lot about being just a girl so she worked very hard to be better than they were at the activities they considered "theirs," She is an expert marksman with a phaser, phaser rifle, slug-thrower and slingshot. She can also use a bolo with great effect.

When her brothers got mad at her for beating them at shooting, they would take her into the Andes and leave her. She learned quickly to navigate and track so that she could get back home.

Because she couldn't get enough of school and learning, she graduated early and enrolled in the Universidad de Quito in Quito, Ecuador. She kept adding classes because they were 'fun' and ended up with several degrees. She then applied for and was accepted to Oxford where she taught part time and received several MS degrees. She accepted a fellowship to Cambridge where she taught while getting her PhDs in archaeology and history.

In her second summer, she had the opportunity to work on a dig with her favorite professor. He took a half dozen of his mostpromising students and Sam couldn't pass up the opportunity, even though it meant she would miss out on a trip to Betazed with her family.

It turned out to be a life-changing decision. The shuttle was attacked by Orion pirates and destroyed. Everyone on board was killed. Sam went home for the funeral, then went back to work. Her professor offered to let her quit, but she told him she needed to lose herself in the work.

After that she became even more focused and driven. She took as many classes as she could handle and spent every summer in a different part of the galaxy working on one dig after another.

She combined her love of history, archaeology and anthropology to learn as much as she could. With her family gone, her work became her life.

When she finished her advanced studies, she thought about teaching full time, but her desire to travel and continue learning was too strong. She needed to explore and learn. It also helped her to adapt to losing her family.

So, Sam joined Starfleet. As she knew more than most of her professors about her chosen fields of history and archaeology/anthropology, she spent much of her time as a teacher's assistant. She also got through the Academy in almost half the time as she tested out of all the basic courses and most of the science ones.

Because she was more interested in learning than socializing, she spent much of her free time taking advanced courses. At the insistence of several of her teachers, she also took command courses -- although she never thought she'd use them.

It was while she was serving as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer aboard the USS Orion that her command training came of use. Captain James Montgomery was called to Earth for a series of important meetings, which turned into special training courses. While he was away, he put Sam in charge of the Orion.

Due to a series of unforeseen events, her period as Acting Commander turned into a permanent command aboard the USS Calypso.

On August 27, 2389, on the way back to the Calypso from their imprisonment in the Orion mining camp, Sam and Damon were secretly married. For now, they are content to keep the knowledge to themselves and those who need to know.


A Tale of Two Sam Yorks:

Samantha York and the crew of the USS Orion are from a near-parallel universe. She and her "twin" led near-identical lives until they joined college. In Sam's second year at University, she was given the opportunity to join one of her professors on an archaeological dig near the outer rim of the galaxy. It was too good an opportunity to pass up, so she chose not to join her family on a trip to Betazed.

While on their way home, her family's shuttle was attacked by pirates. There were no survivors. To work through her grief, Sam chose to focus more intently on her schooling. She became more driven and more determined to succeed.

The USS Orion's first mission was to a supposedly uninhabited planet. It turned out to be a hideout for a gang of pirates. Their "acquired" Nova-class starship was adapted as a weapon of mass destruction. The Orion barely escaped.

What they didn't know was that in an alternate universe (this one), the USS Orion was destroyed. It had an identical crew, with one exception. In this universe, Sam never transferred off the Republic.

The Orion crossed through a temporal rift created by the two pirate ships attacking the two starships. No one noticed the problem until weeks later when Starfleet Investigations went back to the planet. It was abandoned, except for the remains of a Galaxy-class starship and its crew. The USS Orion.

By now, the "other" Orion had docked at a starbase and was on a new mission. Since there was nothing Starfleet could do to remedy the situation and since they'd already "corrupted" this timeline, the information was hidden. The other Orion was quietly destroyed and the crew buried.

A number of personnel came and left the ship in the first year. Many were Federation operatives keeping an eye on the crew. Most of the crew was slowly dispersed to other assignments.

It wasn't until a shore leave on Starbase Typhon that the two Sam's finally met and learned the truth of their dual identity. And how their lives were mostly similar until they were in the same universe.
One Sam stayed on the Republic and fell in love with the Chief Intelligence Officer (who became Captain). She is content to be XO. Her family never took that trip to Betazed.
This Sam has no immediate family, is more driven to succeed, transferred to the Orion and fell in love with the Marine CO who became her XO and then Mission Advisor. This Sam understands that grief and hardship are what shape people, make them stronger. She wouldn't change a thing.
Education BS in Computer Science, Archaeology and Anthropology from the Universidad de Quito.
BA in English Literature and History from the Universidad de Quito.
MS in Anthropology, Archaeology and History from Oxford University.
PhDs in History and Archaeology from Cambridge.
Service Record Graduated top of her class from Starfleet Academy in science and command.
Served one year aboard the USS Stanton as science officer.
Served two years aboard the USS Titicaca as an historian and archaeologist.
She spent a leave of absence on an archaeological dig.
She left the dig to take a position as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Republic.
Served as Chief Science Officer and Second Officer aboard the USS Orion.
Promoted to Acting CO in February 2387.
Orion sent in for extensive repairs and given command of the USS Calypso in March of 2387.
Promoted to Commodore in August 2389.
Now serves as Commander of the USS Calypso.